Monday, June 20, 2011

[News] Heo Young Saeng discusses his Solo Debut and SS501’s future

Heo Young Saeng has been one of the most anticipated solo debuts out of his fellow SS501members, and he’s definitely lived up to the expectations so far.

As the lead vocalist of SS501, many thought he’d be going with a traditional ballad, but he turned the table by coming out with a medium tempo dance track that’s ranking in on the charts. The song was even nominated for the “Music Bank” ‘K-Chart’ on the 20th.

The singer recently sat down for an interview with Kuki News to discuss both his solo debut and SS501. He began, “My goal was to get my name out there. They recognize me as an SS501 member, but they don’t really know who Heo Young Saeng is. I let go of all of my greed and released my album for that sole purpose, so it feels both surreal and joyful to be receiving such an unexpected amount of love. When I heard that I was nominated for first place, I was personally very surprised.”

When asked why he opted to go for a dance track as opposed to a ballad, he explained, “When I was wondering what image to make my debut as a solo singer with, I encountered ‘Let It Go‘. I, too, thought that a ballad would fit me better, but the moment I heard the song, I didn’t think it’d be so bad to show something unexpected instead. I worked hard to able to hear from people, ‘Heo Young Saeng matches this type of songs too.’”

At the mention of his fellow SS501 solo debuts, he said, “It’s not a competition against the other SS501 members, but rather a fight against myself. I never thought of competing against them because it was more important for me to put out an album that satisfied me. I did work hard for this, but there’s still a lot of disappointment left, as if I could’ve done better. I’m really thankful for my SS501 members for visiting my debut stage and sending text messages of support.”

The members may be in separate companies now, but he assured fans that they were all waiting for the day that the five of them would be back together. In order to prepare for that day, they never use the term ‘disbandment’.

He revealed, “A lot of people say that it was because one member brought about discord or so and so betrayed so and so, but it’s all different from the truth. It’s not like we can clarify every single rumor that comes about… It’s really frustrating and disappointing, but I’m just waiting for the day where all five of us come together again and put those rumors to rest. In order to prepare for that day, we never let the word ‘disbandment’ come out of our mouths. We all have our own situations, so we can’t put out an album or open a concert immediately – however, we do promise to become an SS501 that will continue to do our best in the positions we’re in and provide entertainment for our fans.”