Wednesday, January 16, 2013

[Translation] Kim Hyun Joong Unlimited Tour 2013 in Sendai

  • After HEAT + Rize Up + Save Today 3 songs~ HJ has a short break,n he changed a pants today^^ 
  • during singing~HJ's clothes was blown up by wind,so fans saw his skin,lol~looked very healthy^^
  • Kiss Kiss,Smile,Marry Me~
  • HJ said there were many male fans in 1st row,so he was shy when pointed to fans during U^^
  • U+DYLT+LG+If you were like me,when I'm your man,HJ trained fans to sing"I'm your women"again^^
  • The fans sang together with him during If you're like me
  • Talk time: HJ said if today his paper plane failed to fly to 2nd floor again,he'll try his best to learn how to make it,and promised he'll fly his plane to 2nd floor during this tour
  • HJ asked if crowd wanted present now or during encore and they said they wanted 2 presents!
  • HJ wearing jeans today.. Seems to have put on weight
  • HJ went to backstage and back with PLEASE,so his gift is singing PLEASE without sunglasses??
  • Please+Your Story+Be me girl, fans sang together with HJ during Your Story,sorry for leaving out I'm yours^^ 
  • it's time for Love Like This,without doubt this is the most popular song so far!
  • HJ said he stayed at Japan those days~so he'll back to Korea soon~
  • Let me be the one~then encore time! Your Story + Do You Like That + Lucky Guy!
  • HJ's paper plane successfully flied to 2nd floor tonight!so he doesn't need to learn how to make it..
  • 4th song for encore~~Love Like This!
  • with the 5th encore song-U, concert in Sendai ended^^
  • HJ has left the venue,pulled down the window n waved hands to say goodbye to fans^^


by @crazyhyun66
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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong Unlimited Tour 2013 on Kan Fun Magazine Vol.85


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