Sunday, March 22, 2009

[News] Triple S of SS501; Victory Concert was Victorious!

Powerhouse presented an all-star concert in support of the Korea National Teams and the players who are participating in the 2009 World Baseball Classic and the World Figure Skating Championship. And the Korean team definitely had a lot of support! Alex of Clazziquai and Park Jung Ah of Jewelryhosted the three hour show and it was definitely a show of Korean victory and pride. Of course with the impressive win by Korea, the show started off with a lot of energy and it lasted to the very last minute! Alex and Park Jung Ah kept the crowd entertained with Alex throwing in his English remarks and Park Jung Ah’s sullung jokes in between each act.

The show opened with Poppin’ HyunJoon showing off some of his signature dance moves and a performance of his song, “Don’t Stop.” Then it was Clazziquai, with the host himself, Alex and the beautiful Horan! They sang their songs Love Mode, She Is and Come to Me.

Baek Ji Young had a little awkward moment in the beginning by re-starting her MR in the right key, but still her hit song “Like Being Hit by a Bullet” was perfection, followed by the upbeat, “Dash.” Wheesungsang Insomnia and was touched that everyone followed along to his newest song. He also sang ‘With Me,’ an audience request.

The eccentric Lee Eun Mi mentioned her crazy lopsided fro as being one that only a person like her could pull off and kicked off her shoes!

The trot singer Tae Jin Ah was the first act of the night to get all the people out of their seats! Dressed like a Vegas cowboy in a purple velvet blazer and sequin vest complete with sunglasses and hat, he got much love from fans of all ages. He even jumped off stage and gave a bouquet of roses to one special lady in the crowd.

The sexy ladies of Jewelry sang ‘Superstar,’ ‘Everybody Shh!’ and of course ‘One More Time.’ Alex later commented to Park Jung Ah that all the male audience members in the front were still looking at her and were shouting “You rock!” Seo In Young was there sporting a “curvier” figure. The couple of months here in the US must have changed her hair as well as her diet.

The biggest crowd anticipation seemed to be Triple S of SS501, with the popularity of Boys Over Flowers. ‘U R Man’ drove the girls crazy, especially that part in their choreography where they pretend to take off their jackets! They also sang ‘Because I’m Stupid’ from the BOF OST and a little medley which included, ‘You Are My Heaven,’ ‘Snow Prince’ and ‘A Song Calling for You.’

And for the last act of the night Kim Gun Mo performed a medley of his own, with all the classics up to his latest song ‘Kiss.’ Although the majority of the crowd was female (probably because all the guys were at the victorious baseball game) the few guys who were in the crowd were doing the dance moves from ‘Kiss,’ head nod and all. Kim Gun Mo ended the night with his encore song “Wrongful Meeting.” By then the theater looked like a dance club! He’s quite the comedian even while performing, pretending to pull and arm muscle while doing a Techtonik dance move. Hilarious! Next time Hwangbo should try to help him out.

The entire night was fun and successful, with the WBC win and the lineup of milestone singers. Congratulations to the winners of the last minute giveaway and thank you to Powerhouse for making last night a memorable one!


credit: allkpop