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[Vid] Kim Kyu Jong Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil Episode 8 (Cut)


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[Audio] Kim Hyung Jun SBS Music High Update


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[Photo / Screen Cap] Kim Kyu Jong TV Chosun Saving Mrs.Go BongShil Drama Episode 8 Cut

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[News] Kim Hyun Joong Visits Beijing to Share New Year Plans;Says Will Hold Concert in China

Sina Entertainment described popular Korean Star Kim Hyun Joong as the little Heavenly King of the new generation Hallyu Wave, (a term that we) trust is definitely not over the top; the two solo albums released in 2011, whether in terms of reputation or sales results, were dazzling and led to a new peak in Kim Hyun Joong's solo career.

The Kim Hyun Joong today is not just Kim Hyun Joong - leader of SS501, nor is he the 'National Sunbae' in the Korean version of Boys Over Flowers anymore; he is the Kim Hyun Joong with a go-all-out personality (OKT: meaning always focused, giving his best to get a job done).

Since TheFaceShop expended huge investments to sign on Kim Hyun Joong as its brand ambassador, the sales records that was repeatedly achieved and the explosive scenes from TheFaceShop's Asia Tour Fan-meet in the second half of 2011 were enough to prove the market value (commercial power) brought about by Kim Hyun Joong. This time, TheFaceShop chose Beijing as the first stop for his China Tour and this can be considered to be a warm New Year's gift to all highly anticipating Chinese fans.

On the day of the fan-meet, Kim Hyun Joong gifted fans with his personally autographed products and posters and posed for photographs with fans to commemorate the event. When lucky fans received the New Year gifts that were personally given to them by Kim Hyun Joong, the explosive atmosphere was set off, with cheering screams filling the entire venue. Following that, Kim Hyun Joong officiated the opening of a new store for TheFaceShop, attracting many customers and stopping on-lookers in their tracks.

Fans who were able to get in close contact with Kim Hyun Joong were amazed by his delicate skin, praising him to be truly qualified to be a brand ambassador. Kim Hyun Joong also promised that he would soon come (back) to Beijing to hold a solo concert here.
Before completing his Beijing schedule, Kim Hyun Joong spared some time to share with friends of Sina about his feelings during this visit and his plans for the year 2012.

SE = Sina Entertainment
KHJ= Kim Hyun Joong

SE: Please say hello to Sina's netizens!
KHJ: Hello to all Sina netizens. Happy New Year, I am Kim Hyun Joong.

SE: Visiting Beijing for TheFaceShop's Beijing Fanmeet this time, any special feelings?
KHJ: I feel very happy to be able to come to Beijing to meet fans here, (and) very thankful to fans for not being afraid of the winter cold and coming to support this activity. And I feel proud that many fans have come to know and love TheFaceShop brand through me.

SE: Your schedule of activities is so busy - do you have any special beauty tips?
KHJ: Just like you said, this year's schedule is really filled to the brim, the length of time with make-up on is also longer, so I place great importance on the process of make-up removal - so I pay more attention to such products.

SE: Besides skincare, to maintain your condition, do you keep to any special physical training?
KHJ: The two albums released this yeare were also dance songs, so to be familiar with the choreography, will train extensively everyday; I personally love to sweat it out - dripping sweat after every training session makes me feel refreshed.

SE: Korea's cosmetics industry is now very prosperous - what was the reason that made you choose to represent TheFaceShop brand?
KHJ: Indeed there are increasingly more Korean cosmetics brands that are getting attention in the market today, but I feel that that my image and that of TheFaceShop is more compatible. Personally, I do not seek for overly glamorous things, I prefer a more natural and refreshing feel - this is why I have chosen to represent TheFaceShop.

SE: In 2011, (you have) held TheFaceShop fanmeet in various countries in Asia and let fans from different places to get closer to Kim Hyun Joong. And in the beginning of 2012, (you have) chosen Beijing as TheFaceShop China Tour's first stop. Following this, are there plans to hold fanmeets in other cities?
KHJ: Apart from Beijing, (we) also plan to go to Shanghai, Shenzhen and other cities to hold activities there. At the same time for 2012, plans are in progress for my personal World Tour. Hopefully by then will have the opportunity to go to more cities to meet with fans.

SE: What range of TheFaceShop products does Hyun Joong use lately?
KHJ: I have always been using the BB Cream and some make-up removal products. A lot of fans gave me feedback that they also really like the BB Cream.

SE: Soon, Valentine's Day will be upon us in February. Can Kim Hyun Joong suggest to our female fans how to choose beauty products for their boyfriends?
KHJ: Because the winter days can be a little dry, I would suggest choosing some moisturising products. And since it's for Valentine's Day, then choose something with a sweet fragrance.

SE: Let's talk about what fans are more concerned about - Hyun Joong's work schedule in 2012. Because it has been quite a long while since your last film/television work, is there any plan in the pipeline for new film/television works?
KHJ: Actually previously, there was a plan for a drama, but due to some reasons, it has been delayed. But I believe in the not-too-distant future, will come up something better to greet everyone. And this year's solo World Tour is in the midst of preparation - I believe it will be held in many places.

SE: For 2012, is there any New Year wish?
KHJ: If 2011 is said to be the year I gained attention through my solo debut, then I hope 2012 will be the year I gain more public recognition. I will work harder to make more people pay attention to my music and like my work and to fans, please support my work.



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Translated by: OnlyKHJtimes ( / @OnlyKHJtimes on Twitter)

[Article] Kim Kyu Jong Goong Musical in Japan

Note: This article is partially translated

1,500 tickets per performance all sold out, additional Tokyo performances confirmed!

Due to Tokyo audiences’ enthusiastic support, every performance of musical “Goong” held at Tokyo International Forum Hall C that can accommodate 1,500 people sold out. The requests for additional performances kept coming in because the running time of the musical was too short. As a result of the compliments received, after the 2011 performances in Kyoto and Tokyo, “Goong” will be held for the third time in Tokyo, Japan in August 2012, setting a new box office record of Korean musicals.

The producer of G8 (the production company of “Goong”) expressed,“During the last musical performance of ‘Goong’ that was held on 30th December, 2011, the audiences threw paper planes towards the stage to express their gratitude and congratulations. Musical actors & actresses and the production staff were all deeply moved. Every performer and audience couldn’t help but shed their tears. Everyone in the theatre was crying.”


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[Info] Heo Young Saeng Official YouTube Channel

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[Info] Kim Kyu Jong Official YouTube Channel

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[Vid / Full Version] Kim Hyung Jun KBS Sunshine Girl Drama Episode 1


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[Photo] Kim Hyung Jun JJUNAWAY 2012 January Official Desktop Wallpaper!



[News] Kim Hyung Jun has a Racy Bed Scene in ‘She’s Completely Insane’

SS501‘s maknae Kim Hyung Jun has made a complete transformation into an ‘adult idol’ for his KBS drama, ‘She’s Completely Insane‘!

The pilot episode aired on January 7th, and fans were in for a surprise with Kim Hyung Jun’s dramatic image change into the arrogant top star ‘Kangmin’. Unlike his sweet maknae image, he carried his character with a suave flair that fans weren’t quite accustomed to yet. Some scenes saw him holding back his anger with a glass of whiskey while others saw him reacting angrily to officials that make mistakes towards him.

The scene that caught the most attention, however, was one that required a bed scene between him and his CF partner, Song Hyo Bin. Although there wasn’t any exposure, the erotic atmosphere of the set was enough to show fans how much their maknae had grown.

His company explained, “The scene was one that was needed to progress the plot so we hope that people will just view it for what it is: acting.”

Viewers praised, “Kim Hyung Jun’s acting exceeded my expectations,” and “I think he’ll achieve more success as an actor.”


Source + Photos: Chosun via Naver

[Audio] Kim Hyung Jun SBS Music High


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[News] Just to See Kim Hyun Joong Once, Fans Waited at the Airport For 5 Hours

Kim Hyun Joong's flight to land at Taoxian Airport yesterday around 12pm, yet at morning 7am, there's already fans awaiting at the airport, just to see their idol. Be it through official website, Baidu Kim Hyun Joong Bar where fans retrieved info, or "Mother Fan Group" who came all the way from Beijing, everyone raised their colorful "support placard" high in the air, waving colorful ribbons, practiced reciting "Kim Hyun Joong, I love you!", just to deliver the most sincere greeting to their idol.

There's one group which is very eye-catching, that is the 30-member group that fly in from Beijing "Kim Hyun Joong Chinese Mother Fan Group". This group of super fans are made up by age 40s and 50s aunties, they arrived in Shenyang a day earlier, also appeared at airport at 7am sharp, just like those young ladies of age 17 or 18, hands holding "support placard", shouting slogans, putting banners. But Kim Hyun Joong's flight arrived late by an hour, and he left the airport via VIP exit, fans who received the info, has disappointment written all over their face.


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[Vid / FanCam] Kim Hyun Joong Arrival at Incheon Airport from Successful China Tour


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[News] Liaoning Spring Festival Singers Lineup Exposed, Na Ying - Kim Hyun Joong - Jolin Tsai leading

Korea popular idol Kim Hyun Joong will be bringing his dance team and spend the new year with China audience for the first time, besides, Heavenly King and Heavenly Queen figure Jolin Tsai, Vaness Wu, Kenji Wu, Sun Nan etc will also have grand appearance, using stunning visuals to impact this Liaoning TV Spring Festival reunion dinner, adding new taste of happiness.

2012, following Liaoning TV's "Towards the North" basis positioning, relying on Liaoning TV successful upgraded brand new entertainment label. This year's Spring Festival concept is "Happiness", Korean Flower Boy Kim Hyun Joong's participation added more weight into this Spring Festival's platinum lineup. First time spending New Year in China, Kim Hyun Joong gave his first performance to the unique Liaoning Spring Festival stage. Not only perfectly presenting his new songs and classic piece, will also have special performance to meet the Chinese New Year feel. Besides with the joining of Vaness Wu and Kenji Wu, will also let this Spring Festival to become a real Flower Boy battle.

Although inconvenient to disclose the price of the singers, but Liaoning TV has expressed that this year's Spring Festival unlike past years, is that singers all bring their own dance team to perform, in order to achieve perfect stage effect. First time coming to Spring Festival, Kim Hyun Joong stunning appearance with a dance team of 20 person in order to achieve perfect visual effect.


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[Photo / Scan] Kim Hyun Joong on The Sun (Hong Kong Newspaper)



[Photo / FanCam] Kim Hyun Joong Arrival at Incheon from His Successful China Tour


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[News] Kim Hyun Joong Listed on 2012 Hairstyle TrendSetter Guide for Men

As we enjoy the first week of the new year, many are looking to change up their appearance somehow to reflect a new beginning in their lives.

Of course, the easiest and most dramatic changes one could make is with their hairstyle. While the ladies seem to have it a bit easier when it comes to choosing a style they want (thanks to the plethora of star photos available both online and in print), it can be a little more difficult for the boys.

OSEN put together a little guide to help the fellas into choosing a hairstyle that will be both trendy and chic. Check it out below!

★ Soft Mohican hairstyle (as seen on Won Bin and Odagiri Joe)

The hairstyle of Japanese actor Odagiri Joe, who recently attended the Korean movie preview for ‘My Way‘, is becoming a hot topic amongst local fashionistas. Coined the ’4-D Mohican’, this eye-catching look is both rebellious and chic. There’s a lot of movement in this hairstyle, thanks to the wave of curls tossed casually to the side. Men who are on top of their fashion game have been requesting it to push the boundaries of their style.

Of course, not everyone has to shave off one side of their hair. Won Bin opted for a more immaculate look by neatly trimming his sideburns while allowing the hair at the top of his head to stay long. He then tapers the middle with products like wax or pomade.

The effect may not be as dramatic as Odagiri Joe’s, but it’s more cosmopolitan and adaptable into everyday life.

Another variation of the mohawk is found in these profile shots of Jay Park and Big Bang‘sTaeyang.

The boys shaved the sides of their heads very close to the scalp, but left their hair extra long at the top of the head. Depending on your personal taste, you can crop the back of your hair short, or shave off the sides and leave the strip at the top to extend all the way down to the nape. Many are of the opinion that once you shave the sides of your head and leave an elongated strip, the style becomes a ‘hard mohican’.

While Taeyang and Jay Park dyed their tblonde to add some dimension to their look, experts at VAIRA salon agree that it’s best to keep it monotone in color if you want the look to be more refined.

★ Two Block Cut (as seen on Yoo Ah In and Lee Kikwang)

Cha Seung Won began a new trend when he tried this hairstyle for his hit drama ‘The Greatest Love‘; the look took over once actor Yoo Ah In began to sport it. The hairstyle is similar to the Soft Mohican, as the lengths of hair on the side and in the front are different. However, the ‘Two Block Cut’ doesn’t taper as much in the middle; while there’s volume at the top, it’s often plateau-ed.
Men prefer this look when they want to achieve the effect a slimmer face.

The VAIRA experts state, “This style should be worn with the hair short at the sides and the front a bit longer. The top front should be permed for some volume, or can easily be given some texture with an iron or backcombing, as well as hair wax.”

The look will change depending on how long the front hair is worn, and also depends on the angle at which the hair is lifted.”

★ Dandy Cut (as seen on Lee Minki, Jung Kyeo Woon, Lee Seung Gi and Kim Hyun Joong)

The ‘Dandy Cut’ is one where the front bangs are cut to align with the eyebrows, and the sides are cut above the ears. It is a trendy and neat look, and is recommended for men with large facial features or for those who want to soften their fierce image.

The hairstyle can look different depending on how the front bangs are styled. When the front bangs lay straight or slightly rounded, it gives off a more innocent look, whereas curls or a perm give off a trendier image. When the bangs lay diagonal, the effect is said to be ‘chic’.
If the hair falls flat, a volume perm can help give the hair some body.

★ Trendsetters everywhere, attempt a trendy catwalk hairstyle!

For anyone who wants to bring out their individual charms but don’t know how, refer to hairstyles in the 2012 Spring/Summer magazine collections (which will soon hit stores).