Tuesday, July 22, 2014

[Article] SS501′s Kim Kyu Jong Released from Military Duties Today (July 22)

Kim Kyu Jong finally finished serving his military duties and returned to the arms of his waiting fans.

On the morning of July 22 Kim Kyu Jong was released from the Jeonbuk Jeonju Regional Military Manpower Office.

He served for two years as a public service worker since July 2012.

The singer did not hold any separate event to celebrate his release.


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[News] Fans Gift SS501 with Forest in Seoul to Celebrate 9th Anniversary

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A forest has been built in Seoul under SS501’s name.

Tree Planet revealed on July 22, “ ‘SS501 forest’ has been built in Mapo district.”

‘SS501 forest’ is a forest that celebrates SS501’s 9th anniversary since the debut and it has been built through the Star Forest Project, which is a part of the green forest project carried out by the city of Seoul and social venture group, Tree Planet.

The SS501 forest was created by the group’s fans from in and out of Korea. The forest also carries the fans’ hope for SS501 to begin promotions again as a team.

The participating fans stated, “It’s a forest that has been made to congratulate SS501 on the 9th anniversary but we’re happy to think that this project will positively contribute to the city’s environment. We yearn for the day to see all members of SS501 on the same stage and hope that this forest will provide the opportunity for the members to meet with the fans again.”

Meanwhile, Tree Planet has so far built a forest under the names of 2NE1, Shinhwa, TVXQ, Infinite, Lee Hyori, SHINee, EXO’s D.O, Baek Hyun and more.


Fans commemorate SS501's ninth anniversary by creating a forest under the group's name

To celebrate SS501's ninth anniversary since debut, a forest under their name was created in Mapo-gu!

Tree Planet said on July 22, "'SS501 Forest' was made through 'Star Forest Project' to commemorate SS501's ninth anniversary since debut." 'Star Forest Project' is an eco-friendly project in which forests are created under the names of stars with the help of fundraising by fans. In charge are social venture group Tree Planet and 'The Green Forest We Make Together' enterprise in Seoul.

The forest will be created on an unused site by the Gyeongeui Railroad in the hopes of greatly muffling the noise downtown. In addition, it will be located nearby a broadcasting station, so a lot of people can visit during their break times.

For the creation of the forest, not only South Korean fans but also overseas fans took place, fans from countries such as Peru, Mexico, and Dominican Republic! Fans stated, "It's a forest we made to congratulate SS501 on their ninth anniversary, but we are also happy thinking that the forest we created would be a help to the environment downtown. We hope that we will get to see all five members of SS501 on one stage together and hope that this forest will become a chance for the members and the fans to gather again."


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[Photo] Guess Who's Back? Kim Kyu Jong Discharged From Military Service

our Long wait is finally over! 
it's D-Day!!!!! uri center , TS President , one of the sweetest person in whole world!! 



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