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[Photo / Translation] Park Jung Min Twitter Update


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[Photo / Scan] Kim Hyun Joong on InTend Magazine (Malaysia) December 2011 Issue


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[Photo / Scan] Kim Hyun Joong, Lee Min Ho & Jang Geun Suk "Hard-Hearted Men" on Southern Metropolis Daily


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[Photo] Park Jung Min Filming "Sugarcake Garden"


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[Vid] Kim Kyu Jong Guest in God of Cookery Show


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[Vid] Kim Hyun Joong in Hanryu and K-Pop Now


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[Translation] Park Jung Min Interview on Kan Fun Magazine 2011 Issue

Park Jung Min, who is a member of SS501 and made solo debuted last year, will hold fan meetings in Tokyo and Osaka for the first time in a year. He's been shooting drama that he stars in Taiwan, but he is back for meeting. "I'm sorry for Japanese fans to leave them feeling lonely, " he said. He talked about his love for fans in Japanese.

This year, fanmeetings are completely divided into 2 parts: acting part (in the afternoon) and singing part (at night).
JM: I'm an actor, not only a singer. So I'd like to show my fans how I act. That's why I made them two parts. Come to the afternoon part if you like Park Jung Min as an actor. If you like me as an artist, please come to the night part.

What's the most unique session of the fanmeetings?
JM: In the afternoon part, I have a plan to act with fans. They will act as Miki Sakai, who was my co-star in Hachigatsu no Love Song (Love Song in August). It will be fun. Hope you enjoy it.

How did you feel for staring in Japanese drama for the first time?
JM: I've shot dramas in Korea, Taiwan and Japan and I feel there's no big difference among them. It's new for me. That means we have a lot in common.

Do you have any episode from the shooting (of Love Song in August)?
JM: Miki-chan ('~chan'is like '~ah' in Korean. Especially used for women) and I tend to perspire a lot, so it was a trouble for both of them. We had many holding-hands scenes, but our hands were always sweaty. So when we held hands, we said "I'm sorry" to each other.

How about failures?
JM: I tend to make a lot of mistakes, but remarkably there was almost nothing of them. Ah, I had only one. On the very first day of shooting, I had a scene to sing. But I had only one day to learn a song, so I couldn't learn its melody perfectly. I did many takes.

What kind of roles would you like to do?
JM: It was a kind of serious role, so next time I'd like to act a happy and cheerful man. And I'd like to try to play an insensitive killer like gun down without a word.
Why a killer?
JM: Because it would be manly. I'd like to show another side of me to my fans.

Which will be more important for you, acting or singing?
JM: It’s acting now, because I’m shooting drama in Taiwan. After I finish it, I am going to be back a singer and to be focused on recording a new album in Japan. I’m getting ready to show my fans ‘new JungMin.’ Also next year, I have a plan to be on a movie and to release an album in Korea, so I have to be back a Korean JungMin. Next year, I will be active in the meantime, then go back to Korea.

Next year, it seems we can see you many times.
JM: Probably, I’ll be staying in Japan more.

It may be happy for Japanese fans.
JM: Hope it’s happy for them. As I’ve been staying in Taiwan for long time, I heard that Japanese fans are missing me so much. It’s definitely a must to be active in Japan next year.

By the way, what made you to be a singer?
JM: I wanted to be an actor at first. But I thought singers are also acting on the stage, so I decided to be a singer. It was the right decision. I think it’s important to sing with emotion like actors/actresses, not just singing a song.

How did you get a chance to debut?
JM: When I was in the 6th degree, I was scouted as a model on my way home, but my parents fiercely opposed, so I gave up. I went to audition for a music program when I was in junior high school, I passed it. At that time my parents supported me, saying “Try it if you like.”While I was working, I got an offer about SS501, then I join them.

Was it your dream since you were a child?
JM: It was still a different world for me to be in a showbiz at that time. But I changed my mind after I was scouted, like “Even I can do it, ”then it became my dream. Until then, my dream was be a police officer in junior high school. As I like running, it would be good to chase after criminals. And I wanted to be President. Why? Because I knew what power

According to your biography, you’ve majored in hotel business.
JM: Now, my dream is to run a hotel. That’s why I studied it. If I build a hotel, I will choose Yanpyeong, which is in the suburbs of Seoul, or Jeju island will be great. Originally, I love interiors. When I read magazines specialized in them, there are so many wonderful interiors of hotels. I’m yearning for them. I’d like to run a hotel like that and be on magazines.

You call yourself “sexy charisma.”
JM: Yes. But it’s been changed into “a man wants to be held the most.”And it used be only in Asia, but now in the world.
Why do you want to be it?
JM: Not sexually, I’d like to be a strong man that support women gently.

When you were a “sexy charisma,” did you think you were sexy?
JM: I did.

Which part is the sexiest in your body?
JM: My butt? My firm butt. Lol

Do you have any episodes from SS501?
JM: I’ve already forgotten (the episodes). I have a poor memory. I’ll tell them when the time makes my heart stand still.

You’re a mood maker of SS501, and I’ve heard the members called you “leader at the back.”
JM: Basically, I like upbeat mood. When I’m with friends or stuffs, it is the most important thing to have fun. I want to make a mood everyone can laugh, as far as I can do.

It’s time to ask a usual question. Who’s your type?
JM: I love a girl who can laugh together, so she must be cheerful. And then, it’s the best to take care of each other. I don’t mind her looks so much, but I have a certain type that I cannot accept. I hate people who are impolite and use swears words. There are not so many bad words in Japanese, but we have many of them. I really hate those people.

What’s your favorite Japanese food?
JM: I had ramen again. I love Azabu-ramen. I’ve eaten them in many restaurant, but their taste is vary by restaurant, like amount of fat. I’m a Azabu-ramen fanatic. I like Japanese Mexican food, too. And I love abalone and jellyfish for sushi. I order jellyfish ones again and again.

What’s your image of Japanese girls?
JM: They have cute charms. I feel the lovableness of them when my fans are talking.

Please give fans a message, in the end of this interview.
JM: I’ll shoot dramas in Taiwan this year, and I’ll be active in Japan next year. Next spring, I have a plan to make major debut in Japan, too. I will begin to carry out “brand new Park JungMin” after a short time, so please keep supporting me.


Credit: 韓Fun (Kan Fun) Japanese Magazine no.33
English translation: @1122misato (@Twitter)
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