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[Article] Busy Kim Hyung 김형준 Jun Gets Even Busier

Kim Hyung Jun, the youngest singer with the boy band SS501, has announced that he will sign up for military service next year. He will be the second member to enlist as bandmate Kim Kyu Jong signed up last year and will probably return around the time Kim Hyung Jun reports for duty. But before Kim Hyung Jun trades in his fashionable clothes for standard issue fatigues, he wants to make as much progress as he can in his career as a singer and actor.

According to a statement by his agency, Kim Hyung Jun is working extra hard to make the best possible impression before he reports for military service. And Kim is a performer who always works hard to make a good impression. As a result, his next near is sure to be a very busy one.

Kim is putting in overtime rehearsing for his role in the upcoming MBC drama, "I Summon You Gold!" In that drama he will play Mong Gyu, the brother of the drama's heroine. He's an unemployed happy-go-lucky young man. Kim is also slated to appear in an upcoming movie, "Actor is Actor."

The actor has appeared in dramas and films for more than seven years, starting in dramas with cameo roles in "Nonstop Five," "Hotelier," and "Boys Over Flowers." His first role was playing Dong Uk in "Pianissimo." He then played Kang Min in "My Shining Girl" and Jung Min Chae in "Late Blossom."

On the musical front he will travel to Japan with the "Who Am I?" tour. Concerts are planned in Nagoya and Tokyo on May 29, 30 and June 1. He plans to perform 23 songs live. He debuted as a solo artist two years ago with the mini album, "My Girl."

Kim is not just known for his singing and acting, since he has been a disc jockey and television master of ceremonies. He's also known for his charitable work, supporting causes that feed the hungry, protect the environment, and help those with physical disabilities. His younger brother Kim Ki Bum is also an actor.
As the youngest member of SS501, he was the first to be called the maknae or junior member, a tradition that persists in kpop today.

Fortunately fans already know that Kim Hyung Jun looks great in a uniform. In "Late Blossom," he filmed several scenes wearing full military gear and his fans wholeheartedly approved.


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[News] Kim Hyung Jun 김형준 Expresses his Concerns at Public Hearing on Protection Policy

Public hearing on popular culture and protection policy of artistes were held on 2nd May. SS501′s Kim Hyung Jun attended the hearing and expressed his concerns over the current situations in entertainment industry.

At the hearing, Kim Hyung Jun shared that “I was a trainee since the age of 14, along with my brother, worked in entertainment industry, saw what is happening and made me think. In achieving the dream as a singer, at the time, visited agencies, went for auditions and trusted whatever people said. For people who have the same dream as me, in order to prevent friends from getting hurt, I hope there’s a protection policy”.

In the meanwhile, Kim Hyung Jun will be having ‘Who Am I’ concert tour this May in Japan.


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[Media Photo] Kim Hyung Jun Attended at Photo Gallery Opening in Seoul


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[Photo] Kim Kyu Jong 김규종 Twitter Site Update

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