Monday, January 28, 2013

[Translation] Kim Hyun Joong Unlimited Tour 2013 in Fukuoka (Day 1)

  • “Fukuoka, are you ready? x 2, Can't hear your voice, Fukuoka, are you ready?
  • Good evening to all, this is Hyun Joong. many people came at tonight's show ! I remember that the last show in Fukuoka was so hot! A lot of calls and passionated! 
  • Hyun Joong has finished Love Like This just now,then short talk time with fans,but I don't know what did HJ said, fans laughed out~now is Let Me Be The One
  • time for the airplanes. Everyone has paper? Those who don't please wait at their seats. This song as usual had no accompaniment as he held the mike out to the audience and invited them to sing,"I'm your woman"..."the guys had best not say anything... Just wait patiently!"
  • Hyun Joong sang Let's party! And then Do You Like That, Lucky Guy and 5 songs for encore. He run out the 2nd and 3rd floor among audience seats! The last song was Let's Party! 
  • Hyun Joong said he slept for 10 hrs yesterday~
  • Hyun Joong seemed to have NAGAHAMA ramen 長浜ラーメン, but there was no soju there, so he drank beer.
  • " So far I have to wear what have been ready for me because of the sponsorship agreement.. If I break or stain them, I had to buy them..." Then fans laughed out! 
  • Next world tour, Hyun Joong said he would dance full songs, and he'll bring his band as well
  • Hyun Joong appeared from the rear door of each floor, thus the fans far from the stage could see him close during the encore. So sweet, Hyun Joong! 
  • Hyun Joong's original intention was not to dance during this live, but everyone kept asking him to dance..and he sweats a lot after dancing...before going to bed he had wondered what it would be like to dance with the band....


credit: piro66hj /  @crazyhyun66 / kayo1783kevin / lafone0606

[Photo] Kim Hyung Jun Twitter Site Update ; Newly Adopted Dog

Hyung Jun adopted a new dog named 'Sarang'. Choco got new friend ^^ 


Translated by xiaochu1004

[Vid] Kim Hyun Joong on Japanese TV Show


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