Thursday, September 18, 2014

[Fan Account] Kim Hyun Joong Phantasm World Tour 2014 in Nagoya

DreamHJ_Nagoya: Waking up to an Encore

September 17, 2014 at 2:54pm

i have no pictures but only words i want to say.

i am no fan of the hood nor incense swinging nor gargoyles on stage. but i take it that from all big bad wolf dreams, we will wake up to another encore of a good blessed day. So here it goes.

Unbreakable, henceforth forever our fave, kickstarted the evening with sincerity. No shortcuts taken to pace themselves, both Hyunjoong and artmatic were sharp and clean down to their footwork. Maybe South America left a flavour on them or there had been a tad more practice or maybe his heart felt lighter after apologising. By the end of the evening, his sincerity and intensity of effort and emotions left one strong thought. this is not the end, this is a new start.

Between Bangkok and Peru, he certainly soaked in our encouragement. While the public apology may have resolved only a little of all the nonsense in its wake, it released a whole river of energy and determination. No holds-barred. He was going all out, that by song14, ‘please’, he probably blanked out after spinning on knees. It was apparent the dancers were confused. Two stripped, and at least one pulled the shirt up halfway and then brought it down. Hyunjoong himself did not tease. After Please, he sat down, not bothering to disguise he needed recovery time. This young man has the favour of God on him. We looked at him patiently, silently praying, before chanting his name to encourage him . He returned the favour. As Before done with the fullworks, no shortcuts to conserve energy.

Goosebumps came during The Reason I Live when he choked during a small part of the lyrics he wrote. it was the rawest song of the evening, placed in between I’m Yours and Nothing on You. After Kiss2 there were no cute messages calling for encore. Instead, the grateful man in him gave, without being asked, Your Story, Heat, & Hotsun. The japanese phrase ‘hanasanaiyo’ i will never let you go, was sung like a response to what as fans we declared in Bangkok. Fans: We will never leave you. HJ response: I will never let you go. WOW.

Finally he called for the dancers to give and receive thanks together. And then requested we say Goodbye. Ahh, the cheeky in him lives on, come hell or high water. Goodbye sung like it’s See U Again. Yes, young flawed but brave man, we shall see u again. soon.

My significant take of the evening: Does it not sound like his ballads are his forte now? i used to feel his dancing was his most natural asset and the best of him. Now i have second thoughts. Just him in a simple black tee and a ballad. No dancers, no band. And he could fill the stage. And the Voice. (Forget about reading the rest of this note. Go search the fancams.)

Young man leaves stage. Fans chants his name for at least nine minutes, while the stage screen ran three rounds of some advertisement with joan jett and the blackhearts belting ‘i love rock and roll’ and some other announcement. Finally, finally because we fans are not physical marathoners, we run out of breath. As if to make up for not coming back to stage, i hear Timing being played. then, Bingo.
Yes, his performance isnt over.

footnote’s encore:
Outside the Hall, was a taxi queue, the innermost part of a loop. Most fans were at the outside of the loop, closer to the main road. Soon, hyunjoong’s vehicle came out of the carpark and into the loop. Instead of going straight out to the main road, it went one big round. i am almost certain those in the taxi queue did not expect Hyunjoong to come driving by very slowly with the interior well lit. Like his performane, what a lovely lovely surprise


Credit: jo · @neongreenribbon