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[Photo] Did Cho Dong Hyuk Received A Gift From Kim Hyun Joong?

Cho Dong Hyuk (also known as Shinichi in the recent drama Inspiring Generation ) has seen wearing one of Kim Hyun Joong's fave baseball cap. The two recently had a diving session in Jeju after their successful ending of their drama..

Shinichi-san...... did Jung Tae gave that to you? :)


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[Vid + Translations] Kim Hyun Joong Inspiring Generation Fan Meet in Seoul

It's been awhile to meet you with a clean look. I am filled with emotions. (audience laughing)

I didn't eve know how to leave Jung Tae after finishing the drama. By the way I came back to Seoul yesterday from a trip, and I feel like I have pretty much turned back to Kim Hyun Joong.

As soon as I came back to Seoul, I have recorded (songs) for Japanese new album.
I am preparing to turn back to a singer Kim Hyun Joong.
(after saying this, HJ asked to the interpreter if he had talked about his plan for releasing the Japanese album before and said, sometimes he talked too much about this and that and that might have confused people working with him. lol)
I am working very hard on this album to show different aspects of Kim Hyun Joong, you may look forward to it.

I started (shooting) the drama from a cold winter and have finished in spring.
It ended with a feeling of spring-like warmth so I am happy but also have mixed feelings (feel relieved and missing at the same time).

Many people are pulling for me that I have improved as an actor, and I'd like to act and show more improvement soon again.
Actually, I am reading one or two scripts so I think I can show another side of me (as an actor) again, after the album promotion.
There's no fixed plan yet, but I have finished a period drama, so I am just thinking about a present-day drama in the next year.

I wanted to have a break to be healed because I felt physically and mentally tired after the drama.
So I planned to hold press conferences for two days in a row right after finished the drama and left for Jeju Island on the next day.
I took a plenty of rest in Jeju going scuba-diving and playing golf and that gave me energy, much enthusiasm for my work.

I can't say one best scene (among the drama) but the most memorable line is "Fighting is not only about a skill (strength), the one who more determined wins."
I think we will realize sometime in our life that when we are determined and eager, we can archive something rather than when we are strong.

It's going to be difficult to cry if I think "I have to act at this crying scene." The world in the drama was not real, created by the script, but I believed in the world existing and I thought I was the one really living in the world. Even if Kim Hyun Joong didn't love with (in reality), I had to keep being in harmony other actors in order to have emotions toward them, such as hatred or love so that I could naturally identify with the character and have emotions. When understanding the role as a round character rather than a flat one, I could deliver the character's thoughts and feelings even if they were not written in the script.

Kim Hyun Joong and Shin Jung Tae were two different persons having different personalities, but I tried to understand Shin Jung Tae. For example, I have my family and father with me but Shin Jung Tae misunderstood his father and even lost his father. I had been seeing and thinking through Shin Jung Tae's eyes and kept stacking up the feelings, then at some point, I could explode them. I enjoyed the experiences when I felt the character's feelings stacked up for real and delivered them to the audience.

At the scene that Ok Ryeon passed away, I was outraged for real. (The interpreter said HJ's eyes looked different at the scene.) I don't usually fight or speak a bad word in real life but at the scene I found myself ad-libbing swear words. So I messed up the scene, and had to shoot it again and again. After all the bad word was covered with B.G.M when the scene aired.

Even if I have been working out, I don't have much experience of action scenes so I didn't expect I could be fit for the action role. I think I am used to memorizing dance choreography, and that helped me memorizing action choreography faster. The drama went through the lack of shooting time, but we managed to show great action scenes til the end. The action director did his best to choreograph also I tried to memorize and learn to show more.

I had kinda good-looking hands, but now I have calluses and bruises on my hands. I consider the calluses and bruises as badges of honor. I don't think I will show another action drama for a while.

Memorizing dance choreography is more difficult for me than memorizing action choreography. When I filmed action scenes, I could naturally throw a fist having hatred and my body instinctively reacted to dodged (the opponent's fist). However, a mistake while dancing on stage will make me scared stiff.

Because I practiced punching everyday for that quickness, I could really punch faster.
(Hyun Joong is asked to show his punches.)
I used to practice it everyday though..

It is hard to understand for you, but sometimes I had to memorize (the choreography) at a glance to film it quickly when we had very little time to film the scene. In such a case, we (the opponent and I) promised that if we would unexpectedly beat or be beaten for real, we should quickly stand up no matter how it hurt. Actually I was beaten up for real while shooting an action scene but I had to keep filming the scene because, once I showed I was in pain, we would have to film from the beginning.

Maybe I might be naturally resilient to physical attacks? I feel more comfortable when I get beaten up than I beat up.

I watched the final episode with actors together. We didn't have an official finale party so I asked people to come together and watched the drama finale drinking some beer.

As what I've said at the interview, for our or your ancestors, 1930's was the age of intensity. In 1930's they were poor and possessed almost nothing ... 

(*sorry, the clip ends up here. also sorry, it's a really rough trans.)


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English translations by : @howlovelylala

[Translation] KeyEast Notice : A Word of Request to Fans

This is Keyeast.

First of all, sincerely thankful to all fans for always loving and supporting Kim Hyun Joong.

Thanks to all fans for showing much concern that was able to wrap up well.

Currently Kim Hyun Joong is taking a rest after completed the unfinished schedules which arose from the filming of .

However, for future activities as well as to catch up on his personal schedules he need ample rest, (fans) reserved plane seats close to (HJ) through unofficial route, it was verified that there are some fans whom habitually had misconduct throughout the flight time.

Fans surely knew that such actions will cause great difficulty to Kim Hyun Joong who needs ample rest.

There is no issue to give support at official events and soccer match etc that are scheduled at open venue, for Kim Hyun Joong we ask that you refrain from chasing especially his personal schedules.

If there are circumstances of fans senselessly chasing during his personal schedules in future, we hereby informed that we will take all actions at Kim Hyun Joong's related official events like fanmeetings and concerts even if it may cause disadvantage (to fans).

We look forward to see fans lead the mature fan culture.

Thank you.


source: hyun-joong.com
translated by @501wangja

[Photo] Kim Hyung Jun Music High : Fans Support


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[Vid] Kim Hyun Joong's Uzoosin and Friends Conquered The Earth.


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