Wednesday, May 15, 2013

[Article] 'Gold' Kim Hyung Jun's 김형준 Tears Represent the Pain of the Unemployed

In MBC's popular drama 'Gold' Kim Hyung Jun cried tears that represented the pain and the struggle of the 3.5 million unemployed young adults in Korea.

On the episode aired on May 11, Mong Gyu, played by Kim Hyung Jun, met with his mother to move out and live on his own. Struggling to find a job in his late twenties and colliding with his dad who recently retired and spends much of his time at home, Mong Gyu confessed that he could not stand taking allowance at his age. But with unstable finances, his mom rejected his plan. Heartbroken, he cried, "I want to work so badly but no one wants to hire me. Certificates and good grades do not help one bit. Who can understand what I am going through? Absolutely no one."

Starting with a very small role near the beginning, Kim Hyung Jun has steadily proven that he is capable of becoming a great actor. Slowly but surely, he has won the approval of the public and is on his way to establish an acting career that is rare for idol group members.



[Photo] Heo Young Saeng with Shinhwa on “Happy Together”



[Translation] Heo Young Saeng Official Site Notice ; The Art Of Seduction Card Painting Event


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[Info] Kim Hyun Joong Birthday Project from his Official Site

Hello, this is Henecia online staff.

It became three years since he made his solo debut.

We'll have a surprising birthday party event for Hyun-Joong Kim at this fan meeting.

Although you can't come to this fan meeting, you can participate into this event. So please help us to finish this event successfully.


1. Before the concert starts, we will play the fan-made video as proclaiming the start of the concert.
If you have a picture or video of hyun-Joong that you made yourself, please send to

It will be used usefully to make video. ^^

This includes pictures and short videos that related with his birthday or his activities. We will edit and categorize them as theme or story. The size that will be used in video is 1920 *1080(as MOV size)

When the video or picture is high quality, it is better. Please participate a lot.

2. Also, we will have a hand-writing letter and hand-made postcard event.

The size of postcards or letters' is default postcard size(width 90mm~130mm)*(140mm~150mm).

So you can make it in your style with this size.

When you send it, you don't have to put address. Instead of that, you can put your nickname, name or some sentence which you want to put.

You have to put the address of the receiver.

If you don't, there's no address of a person who send it

so it can't arrive to the receiver. Be aware it.

TO: hyun-joong♡happy birthday

1604ho-103dong, pung-lim I-won, 154, Beomil-ro, Busanjin-gu, Busan, SEOUL Rep. of KOREA
Zip-code: 614-020

Date: 17.04.2013~31.05.2013

Postcards which are collected in this date will put in to scrapbook and send to hyun-joong. Just try to touching and hand-writing letter.

Let's participate actively together for hyun-joong at fan meeting on 8th, June.

Please participate!!!



[News] DATV to Broadcast Kim Hyun Joong Drama “City Conquest”

DATV has announced they will air the Kim Hyun Joong drama City Conquest this summer.

The program will be aired in July and features Kim Hyun Joong in the role of Baek Mi-reu, a young man who takes revenge on society after becoming bitter with his father for abandoning their family.

Though filming had begun and the drama was pre-sold to several different countries, it went unaired after KBS denied it a slot in their 2013 lineup. However, footage from the show was aired last October as part of the City Conquest Memorial Event put on by Henecia, the official fan club of KHJ.

The drama also features Jeong Yu-mi, star of the 2011 melodrama A Thousand Days’ Promise. When City Conquest was unable to secure a time slot, Jeong Yu-mi went on to accept a lead role in the show Wonderful Mama.

With the news that DATV will be airing City Conquest, the question that fans are asking is will they finish filming the television series now that it will be broadcast. However, no details have been announced at this time.

Are you looking forward to the new drama?

Stay tuned for more news about Kim Hyung Joong and City Conquest.