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[Article] Kim Hyun Joong Gets Praised With His Admirable Personality and Professionalism in Acting

Inspiring Generation lead actor Kim Hyun Joong admitted that he was uncertain about taking the role of Shin Jeong Tae in an action-thriller drama.

In fact, a lot of viewers were stunned when he portrayed a new image which was way farther than the roles he used to portray in his previous dramas Boys Over Flowers and Playful Kiss. Kim Hyun Joong was dubious towards taking the character in the drama Inspiring Generation. However, the roles he portrayed in his previous dramas didn’t capture much attention as it does in his current drama as Shin Jeong Tae.

Right after the drama premiered, various reactions from the viewers were reported. Majority comments were Kim Hyun Joong had turned into a 180-degree transformation. Viewers were also fascinated by how the action scenes looked intense and perfectly real. Scenes where Kim Hyun Joong showed his emotional acting skills carried out much emotion from the audiences and they had been totally moved. The staff complimented the actor for being flexible as he is able to carry out the different scenes quite well.

The TV Daily Executive official said, “The shooting scenes were very tight and quite difficult but there has always been a good progress in every session. Kim Hyun Joong need to perform a lot of action scenes so he really has to push a little harder with his physical skills. There were a lot of action scenes but he was not seriously injured with any of it. He was very careful.” He added, “ Despite the cold weather and even the wind was blowing harshly, he still has carried out the scenes without any difficulties. He is very professional.”

Kim Hyun Joong never complains and never takes advantages of the fact that he is a popular actor.

TV Daily interviewed his co-star Jo Dal Hwan and said, “I really want to keep our friendship even after the drama ends. I really admire his personality. Hyun Joong is younger than me and despite his toughness, he respects me very well.” He added, “When he acts, he is very focused with what he is doing. He acts from the heart. As what I see too, my senior colleagues also noticed how good Kim Hyun Joong’s personality is.”

At a press conference, Kim Hyun Joong’s co-star Song Jae Rim shared, “Kim Hyun Joong works really hard. He is always positive and he always brightens up the atmosphere with positivity. Kim Hyun Joong is very friendly with everybody but he never forgets to greet each and everyone politely.”

Another co-star Park Cheol Min told Entertainment Weekly, “Kim Hyun Joong learned martial arts very quickly. He is very eager to learn and immediately applies what he has learned. Even he had only seen the act once, he quickly learns and follows it. I guess he really has great abilities.”

Meanwhile, Inspiring Generation airs every Wednesday and Thursdsay at 10PM on KBS.



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