Saturday, October 26, 2013

[Tweet Update] SS501 Reunites at Heo Young Saeng 허영생 Concert

  • Concert starts with a video of Young Saeng!!
  • First song Let It Go in handsome black suit!!
  • Great live singing with Crying... #YSMyStory0513 maybe cause only 2nd song.. not tired yet.. :x
  • Singing Maria now!!
  • Aigo.. so sexy singing Out The Club.. 
  • He's super tired after 5 songs.. Hahaha! Pant till super loud.. he says he's going to die..
  • Showing a video of Young Saeng interviewing Young Saeng.. super funny!!
  • Showing Young Saeng reading a girl fan letter to Young Saeng in a girl voice.. super funny!!!
  • He's going to sing a song from Summer Snow musical!! 
  • Singing with a lady and a guy.. sound like a song that will appear in musical. 
  • Ya.. it's a song from the musical Summer Snow.
  • Interviewing the 2 cast from the musical. Young Saeng say he now feel like he's emcee. 
  • Showing him a video of doing kwiyomi!!!
  • OMG!! Showing a video collage of all 5 boys!!!
  • Young Saeng singing Love Ya.. alone
  • He's super super tired after singing Love Ya..
  • Now singing Thank You
  • Leader on stage singing Thank You with Young Saeng!!! 
  • Young Saeng left Hyun Joong alone on stage..
  • Hyun Joong singing Your Story 
  • Young Saeng singing U R Man.. alone
  • Hyung Jun on stage with Young Saeng!!!
  • They are going to sing Cuz I'm stupid together
  • Jung Min on stage with them!!
  • Jung Min, Young Saeng, Hyung Jun singing Cuz I'm Stupid together!!
  • Jung Min introduce himself as 'SS501 sexy charisma Park Jung Min' and Hyung Jun's laughter
  • Pea Princess now!! All 4 on stage except Kyu Jong.. 
  • There's Kyu Jong's singing too!!!! But he's not on stage. I guess it's cause he's in military
  • All 5 on stage!!
  • Omg!!! 'We are SS501' 
  • They can't sing together on stage today cause Kyu Joong is in military. He can't perform.
  • They are singing 'In the still of the night' a capella
  • Hyung Jun ask Jung Min to cut his hair.
  • My boys... ended the short SS501 time with 'we are SS501!!'
  • Concert is ending soon.. Young Saeng singing Find now 
  • Rock version!
  • Showing another video with some photo collage of all SS501 members
  • Young Saeng singing Snow Prince
  • Dancers push a birthday cake out..
  • After fans sang birthday song. He acted really touched and said thanks in a crying voice.
  • Kyu Jong ran up on stage a smudge cream on Young Waring's face 
  • Kyu Jong now sitting on stage with dancers and Young Saeng 
  • Young Saeng singing Hello Mello. Kyu Jong dancing around on stage with him
  • Kyu Jong dancing along with dancers for Hello Mello.. so cute!! 
  • Concert ended :( it feels like a dream..


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[Vid] SS501 Green Peas Performance at Heo Young Saeng 허영생 Concert


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[Photo] SS501 Reunited for the 1st Time on Stage at Heo Young Saeng's Concert

I will definitely treasure this day for the rest of my Life!! Our boys, oh I mean... our 5 men.. S501 has made their promise to re-unite again! and I feel great tonight! I made the right decision for staying by their side, and waiting for this day to come! AND IT REALLY HAPPENED!!!

Young Saengie will be celebrating his bday soon, but he;s the one who gave us the most precious gift in the world , having the rest of SS501 in his concert ,not only seeing them together but singing on stage as one! 

To you, Saengie, our otter shy prince, goodluck on your militray service.. We will wait for comeback again... and to the rest of the boySS.. Leader - Kim Hyun Joong, Eternal Center- Kim Kyu Jong, Sexy Charisma-Park Jung Min and and dearest Magnae-Kim Hyung Jun.... WE, Triple S, we'll forever be thankful for this event!!

Double S Oh Gong iL MANSAE!!!!!! 

The Best Kpop Group and the Best Fandom I ever had and will ever be! (^___^)

#SS501Reunion MANSAE!!! 


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[Media Photo] Heo Young Saeng 허영생 1st Concert 2013


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[Media Photo] Heo Young Saeng 허영생 3rd Mini Album 'She' Press Conference


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