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[Info] Tickets to ‘Inspiring Generation’ – Kim Hyun Joong’s FM in China is running out fast!

As a new year drama, KBS’s drama ‘Inspiring Generation’ raised another round of Hallyu wave since it’s first airing. Following up with every episode and loving oppa Kim Hyun Joong has became the trend and fashion for the first half of 2014. Recently, Kim Hyun Joong will be bringing ‘Inspiring Generation’ Fanmeet to Beijing with thanks and sincerity. After the release of the news, fans’ passion and support were shown through the fast ticket sale, which almost caused a clash in ticketing system and overtime working of service staffs.

‘Inspiring Generation’ – Kim Hyun Joong’s fanmeet online ticketing officially began on 7th May. Within 40 hours, all tickets from 380 RMB category were sold out with only a small quantity left for the 680 RMB category. Staffs working at the service center have been working overtime with ticketing inquiries from buyers. Right up till now, approximately three quarter of the tickets are sold out, excluding the most expensive category, tickets from all other 4 categories are nearly sold out.

From ‘The Heirs’ to ‘My Love From The Star’, to ‘Inspiring Generation’, fans in China has no immunity towards Korean dramas, the Hallyu wave is now irresistible and unpreventable. Korean dramas are also versatile in its contents, concepts and themes. ‘Inspiring Generation’ is one example of Korean drama that lead a different theme. It is a story based on gang fights between Korean and Japanese, with a theme revolving around love, friendship and loyalty (an ‘emotional black romance). It’s unique storyline and concept gained popularity amongst the audience and received high viewership ratings. Kim Hyun Joong, who acted as male lead Shin Jung Tae, also shed away his flower boy image and received affirmation for his acting skills.

Kim Hyun Joong, along with casts of ‘Inspiring Generation’ will hold fanmeet in Beijing on 29th June, meeting Chinese fans after a period of 2 years. Fans of Kim Hyun Joong can start counting down to the date!

‘Inspiring Generation’ – Kim Hyun Joong’s Fanmeet in China is organised by Beijing TianMeiHengYuan Culture Media. For ticketing, please visit HERE.



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[Article] Kim Hyung Jun Becomes TV Star with ‘Melody of Love’

Top rated TV series ‘Melody of Song’, also known as ‘Love Rides the Song’, is drawing a lot attention these days.Kim Hyung Jun from SS501 who also stars in the drama is gaining popularity as well.

KBS 1TV’s ‘Melody of Love’ is a story of three families that realize how precious their families are after hurting others and regretting that. The TV series deals with the passions and dreams of the young people who work at a musical company.

Kim Dasom of Sistar, Baek Sung-hyun, Hwang Sun-hee and Kim Hyung Jun are the young couples in the drama. Kim Hyung Jun’s work is especially remarkable. He has born again as a successful actor from a boy-band member.

How will they settle the conflict between Gong Soo-im (Hwang Sun-hee) and her mother in law?

Tae-kyoung is always generous to others but very strict to himself and a perfectionist. But he is a romantic guy when in love. Han Tae-kyoung suffered a vocal cords injury so he had to give his dream to become a play actor. He is now a famous musical producer who only produces original plays.

Kim Hyung-jun starred in KBS’s ‘Glowing She’, SBS Plus’s ‘I Love You’ and MBC’s ‘Pots of Gold’. He is becoming a proper actor. ‘Melody of Love’ will be remembered as his successful drama.

The viewers are highly interested in how Han Tae-kyung and Gong Soo-im will settle the conflicts over them and have a happy ending.

‘Melody of Love’, which records 30% of ratings, will end with the 152nd episode.


Written by Han Jihee, 
Photography by KBS, Translated by Lee Sarah

[Photo] Park Jung Min 'Save Us Tonight' Handshake at Tower Records Shibuya


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[Article] SS501 on the List of 10 Idol Groups That Have Matured the Most Since Debut


U-Kiss has become one of the most popular K-Pop groups internationally. When they first debuted, they had hits such as "Man Man Ha Ni." Although they have remained true to the quintessential K-Pop dance track sounds (with great ballads mixed in to each album, my favorite being "0330," as well), they have visibly grown as artists. Their vocal abilities as well as their dancing are on point and harmonize beautifully.


Ever since the beginning, the ladies of f(x) have always had an extra edgy feel to them that separates them from other girl groups. Although they have stayed true to their original electro sound, these girls have really matured from their "Chu" days. I think "Pinocchio"was their turnaround track that really established the definitive f(x) sound. f(x) has a distinct sound and fashion that not only is unique and distinguishable, but something only f(x) can pull off the way they do.


Although this choice may seem a bit random (probably because it is), SS501 comes to mind when I think of groups who have matured and developed their sound and image from when they first debuted. When they first came out with tracks such as "Snow Prince,"they reminded me of vintage Super Junior. However, they evolved into tracks such as "U R Man" and finally their latest track that they released together, "Love Ya." I'm looking forward to them releasing another album some day as a full group!

Girl's Day

Girl's Day has changed a lot since their original debut as a 5-member girl group. Aside from the obvious member change up, their musicality has changed as well. One of their first tracks, "Nothing Lasts Forever," was a song about female empowerment—they then reverted to aegyo-filled songs for their next couple of promotions before growing into sexy tracks that become mega-hits today, such as "Expectation."

Big Bang

Big Bang debuted with a 90's vibe hip-hop image and sound. However, they have since traded in their oversized baggy clothing for a more refined high-fashion style. They have each found their own individual trademark fashion sense. And it's not only their style that has developed—their music has as well. We're now treated to an artistic mix of hip-hop and electronic music that Big Bang has made their own.

After School

After School is another group that has gone through many member changes—their "graduations" keep their group young, fresh, and always relevant to the music scene. Going back (not all the way back, but pretty back) to their "Bang!" days, After School always had catchy songs and great choreography (and of course execution of the choreography). Although much of this remains the same, After School is even more daring with their sound and visuals with their latest singles, such as,"First Love."


When a group has been around as long as Shinhwa, it's natural that we see many differences between their debut image and current image. Shinhwa is a first generation idol group (they debuted in 1998), but still remain 100% relevant and continue releasing chart-topping music. They went from blonde, crazy hair that was popular in the 90's to a much more mature and manly chic image, and their music has become cleaner and crisper over the years as well.


When SISTAR first debuted with "Push Push," I thought they were going to be a bubbly girl group based on cute concepts. However, since then, they have established themselves as one of the top female groups in K-pop, and dominated charts with their strong lyrics and sexy concepts--although they do jump back to bubbly songs (e.g."Loving U") from time to time which is always a treat.

Super Junior

Super Junior always caught people's attention from the start—with all those members on one stage, it's hard not to notice them. Considering they've been around the K-pop scene since 2005, it's no surprise that the group has matured (especially when all of them suddenly decided to hit the gym and come back with abs). Musically speaking, they have been consistent with their sound since "Sorry, Sorry," and really followed the, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" saying with their follow-up promotions.

Girl's Generation

Girls' Generation released their first single "Into the New World" when they were just teenagers. They had a youthful image that was completely natural—they didn't need overly frilly skirts or hair bows to show their innocence. Within a span of 7 years, the girls, from their fashion to their music, have matured into Korea's poster girl group.


source: allkpop

[Vids] Kim Hyun Joong Premium Live Tonight DVD


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[Photo] Super Junior's Heechul Visits Kim Hyun Joong's Jaksal Chicken Restaurant?



[Tweetbits] Park Jung Min Save Us Tonight Event in Japan

  • Jungmin has just finished his encore but fans won't leave although staff beg them to! Fans keep handclapping & calling PJM #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • #PJMSaveUsTonight 1. Night 2. Save us tonight 3. Warning 4. Not alone 5. Kimiiro 6. Nappun ingayo 7. I Feel You 8. Feel it 9. You Know 10. Gwitgae 11. Until Forever 12. Cheon nyeon gado (should be a duet with Kim Hyungjun) ENCORE 1. Beautiful 2. Wara wara 3. Save us tonight (Korean version)
  • #PJMSaveUsTonight as you can see from our previous pic, the stage was round. Jungmin today was accompanied by a 4-piece band
  • Each band member faced a different direction. They sat facing the audience, around the stage. ##PJMSaveUsTonight
  • Two male dancers also accompanied PJM tonight. They dressed in whites. They got to the stage before PJM. #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • PJM then appear from one of the exit doors and walked the aisle to the stage, waving & hitouching fans on the left & right #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • He performed 'Night'. After that an MC, named Tomoyama Aki (@.tomoyama_aki), got to the stage to chat with PJM #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • PJM talked about his new minialbum. Then he taught fans what to do during new single, Save us tonight. Cute song & choreo #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • After enough rehearsal of the movement PJM performed Save us tonight. Fans waved their green lightsticks to the rhythm #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • PJM dressed in gray T-shirt, white shirt & denim, another white shirt tied around his waist, white shoes #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • The white shirt tied around his waist made fans unable to see his butt. Some fans shouted at Jungmin about this! #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • But Jungmin wouldn't lift or take off the shirt to reveal his butt.Though a fan shouted "JUNGMIN! OSHIRI! (BUTT!)" loudly! #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • MC Aki 'generously' substituted Jungmin, wriggling his butt at the fan. That's not what fans hoped for! XD #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • PJM made sure that he spent enough time facing all directions, so that all fans could see him.Choreos were adjusted for it #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • Before I Feel You, MC Aki read the seat number of a lucky fan. She would get to do a short drama scene with PJM #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • PJM descended to floor, approaching the fan. She was so nervous she kept on stepping back each time PJM came closer XD ##PJMSaveUsTonight
  • PJM pretended that he came home with a fever. The fan must ask whether he got a cold. #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • PJM then hugged the fan! And because they had to repeat the scene once again, she got hugged twice! #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • PJM then returned to stage. 3 chairs & his dancers were already there. They performed I Feel You. A sexy song #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • To add sexiness to the song, in some parts PJM danced with eyes blindfolded #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • Another new song, Feel It, is also a nice song, more upbeat, a beat jazzy when performed live with the band #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • PJM & MC Aki were really a match! They often joked, made audience laugh, mocked each other #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • When introducing his band members, PJM didn't mind kneeling to let them use his own mic to speak. "so nice," said Aki #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • The round stage can rotate too, and it did in some songs like Until Forever when Jungmin sang alone on stage #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • When asked about what he thought about Japan, PJM said 'Familiar' #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • Aki asked "What do you think about Family?" PJM: "Family? Oh! Not Family! Kazok!" (His fanclub, Japanese for 'family') #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • Aki: "Sorry! Yes, what do you think about Kazok?" PJM: "Like kazoku (family)" #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • When Aki had said his last words for the night, he saluted to PJM. PJM saluted back, but then PJM waved his hand as if telling Aki to go quickly! Aki left the stage but he kept on talking! XD #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • PJM shouted: "TURN HIS MIC OFF! MIC OFF! HE'S ANNOYING!" (Aki spoke again) PJM: "MIC OFF!" #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • Cheonnyeon gado closed the main setlist. PJM hadn't even left the stage, fans already shouted for encore #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • So PJM continued with encore directly. Since it's release event of Save us tonight, the song was performed once again #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • PJM left the hall from one of the doors. Too bad he wouldn't appear again although fans kept on shouting! #PJMSaveUsTonight
  • That's our updates from #PJMSaveUsTonight event. Tomorrow PJM will have hitouch with fans who buy the CD from TOWER RECORDS Shibuya


tweet updates by @Relawan_kONser

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[Rough Translation] Kim Hyun Joong on Take You To The Stars Interview

Jiangsu Satellite TV Program 〈带你看星星〉 on 9 May 2014 – Rough translation of the questions asked to HJ during the program (Part 1)

Q1. Why did you choose to participate in Inspiring Generation?
  • HJ: In previous dramas like Boys Over Flowers and Playful Kiss, I had always presented a flower boy and gentle image. But this time I would like to present a more manly image so I chose the drama Inspiring Generation which would allow me to take on new acting challenges as well as present a brand new image to the viewers.
Q2. Since the character Shin Jung Tae had alot of fighting scenes, the MC asked HJ if he had learnt martial arts before.
  • HJ: While he has not learnt martial arts per se, given he is a singer he found it easier (compared to others) to learn the fighting movements. More importantly to HJ, he would try to infuse the right emotions in the fight/ blow of the fighting scene. Hence, it was not too difficult for him to do the fighting scenes.
Q3: Since there’s many fighting scenes in IG, female MC asked HJ if he had suffered any injuries.

  • HJ: HJ mentioned that there were minor injuries and bruises (and raise his two hands to show the scars/ wounds) but he acknowledged these scars/wounds as “honorary medals”.
Q4: Female MC asked when he ‘suffered’ those injuries while filming a drama, would he have thought that it would be easier being a singer instead.

  • HJ: Frankly, acting and singing are two different/ separate fields. People tend to see only the glamorous side of each of them but each field has its own challenges and it is not easy at all. Like now when he is preparing for his new album he would be thinking about acting and would have the desire to go and act. But when he is acting, he would be thinking of becoming a singer and wanted to go and sing instead.

Q5: Female MC asked HJ how did he manage to get to play the role of Yoon Jihoo in the popular drama – Boys Over Flowers.

  • HJ: Frankly he was not very sure about it as he did not know about the manga series “Boys over Flowers”. Plus based on his personality he wouldn’t really like such manga series.

 HJ mentioned that he could not understand the character Yoon Jihoo at first as he had little similar experiences as the character. As such, he was not interested and wanted to turn down the offer as he was not confident about it (but the male MC added that others were eager to ‘snatch’ the role!!)

So in the beginning, he would spend time trying to figure out the character such as how the character Jihoo would hold his chopsticks, would he be a left-hander, etc. So he would have many thoughts about it and would do much research. But when he started acting in the drama, without him realizing it, he stopped being ‘Kim Hyun Joong’ and changed into the gentle boy in the drama. From then on, HJ realized that it was possible for him to act out such a character and he began to like acting and realized the charm/ beauty of acting.

Q6: Female MC asked HJ in real life if he was like the character Yoon Jihoo when it comes to love (that is he would protect the girl quietly and suffered in silence).

  • HJ: Nope. If it is a girl he likes, he would definitely fight to get her even if he have to fall out with his friends over her!
Q6: Female MC asked HJ given his characters in the drama are gentle and gentlemanly, what would be HJ’s ideal type in real life.

But HJ in his 4D mode asked her back if she was asking about his ideal type for man or woman!! (LOL)

  • HJ: For male friends, HJ dislikes people who are not transparent and tend to have something to hide. Be it over a fight or over drinks, he would prefer people who will trash it out and settle the matter once and for all.

As for his ideal type of woman, he mentioned that she must be able to drink well and would like him and him only.

The male MC said that given HJ’s good capacity for drinking, he would probably be able to drink all night till dawn so it would be very difficult to find such woman who could keep him company by matching up to him! But HJ mentioned that it would still be important to have the determination to try!
Note from the Translator: “Sorry if any parts of the translation seemed strange as I translated directly from the Chinese subtitles in the program.”


Tweet/Translation: MichLui ‏@Princessmich123

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[Trans] SS501 Park Jung Min and TOWER RECORDS Shibuya Collaboration Projects Start Off Press Conference

TOWER RECORDS Shibuya in collaboration with today`s brightest artists, will advance together in music production, releasing CDs, by launching the project "LIVE LIVEFUL! COLLABORATION". The first phase of the said project is the collaboration work with "Park Jungmin inc." established by the SS501 member, Park Jung Min who even as a solo artist started to enjoy high popularity in Asia as well as in South America and Europe. It is determined that Park Jung Min`s mini album "Save Us Tonight" will be released on May 12th (Monday).

Prior to that, a joint press conference of TOWER RECORDS SHIBUYA x Park Jungmin inc. has been held on the 8th floor of TOWER RECORDS Shibuya, on April 25th.


"Park Jungmin inc." is an individual label produced by Park Jung Min. With Park Jung Min`s own album concept, he decided the song concept himself, and not only the Korean lyrics, even the Japanese lyrics have also been written by him. The MV for the title song "Save Us Tonight" has also been produced by him. Also, the jacket design concept and song composition have been created entirely by his own hands. 

The press conference has been attended by every news media and 100 members elected from the Official Fans Club. Park Jung Min appeared on the stage surrounded by enthusiastic cheers, waving to the fans while smilling, revealing a pure white set of teeth.
Park Jung Min who has arrived in Japan yesterday, in the past has also held Live, autograph sessions etc. at TOWER RECORDS Shibuya; because he felt that he has a deep destiny he thus sighed a great sorrow and expressed: " Since there were many fans who said that they like my singing voice, I established this label in order to have the possibility of letting my own music be well delivered at any time."

Moreover, this mini-album is a release with 4 versions (Normal Edition, First Press Limited Edition A, First Press Limited Edition B, Korean Edition). The title song "Save Us Tonight“ is ” because from the beginning of my solo activities all my songs have been powerful and sexy, so this time round I want to sing a bright and cheerful song". The cute smiling face photo on the Normal Edition`s jacket is because "I still want to take out the idol-like image before 30 years old (laughs). I still want to be seen as the young and bright Jung Min" he said jokingly with a full sense of humor.

 Also, at the press conference the sound source of "Save Us Tonight" and " あなた以外誰も抱きしめない" (Not embracing anyone other than you) and the "Save Us Tonight" MV have been revealed for the first time. After seeing this MV which brims with dance moves and has cute expressions, Park Jung Min said "When shooting, because I did cute gestures for the first time in a long time, there was a chaos in my head" , "Did you notice that I became cute today?" he smiled. Fans` reaction was also very great and raised the expectation for the new album.


Japanese to Chinese translation: 字母S @百度朴政珉吧ALLFORPJM.COM
Chinese to English translation: aeternumin

[Article] Kim Hyun Joong: Shin Jung Tae of 'Generation of Youth': Idol actors and their best roles

The stigma behind idol actors is that they can't act.

I can't say this isn't true for all idol actors - there are some that I watch on dramas, that makes me strongly think they should just stick to singing. But then there are many, many others that are really just incredible at acting. Idol actors are everywhere nowadays (in a good way), but here are just a few actors and what I think are really their best roles.

T.O.P: Vick of 'IRIS'

T.O.P's role on 'Iris' was one of his earliest roles, but this is still the role I think about when I think of T.O.P as an actor. Sure, he didn't have that many lines, but he was still sizzling the screen with every single appearance. My only complaint was that they made him speak English a lot of the times, but all the same T.O.P became one of the most impressionable characters as Vick.

Yoochun: Song Yoo Hyun of 'Miss Ripley'

I know when a lot of people think about Yoochun's best roles, a lot of them aren't going to this of his role on "Miss Ripley". I think it was one of his more generic roles as the high-class rich CEO, but he still pulled it off beautifully. What I liked a lot about his role was that he wasn't overly charismatic, like a lot of male leads tend to be. He was just as charming without overdoing anything, and that's what really made this role his best for me.

Siwon: Kang Hyun Min of 'The Lord of the Drama'

Siwon's played his share of charismatic roles, and maybe that's why his role as the comical self-absorbed Kang Hyun Min is his most memorable yet. I was worried a little bit when the drama first started, but then I realized there was nothing to worry about. Siwon pulled this off so well he had me in love with his so-overly-cocky-that-it's-funny character.

Siwan: Park Jin Woo of 'The Attorney'

Siwan played a core role in the biggest movie to hit Korea in 2013, 'The Attorney'. Siwan not only lost weight for his role, but also acted out all of the torture scenes himself and was praised for his amazing acting. Siwan shot to fame through 'The Moon that Embraced the Sun', but I think his role as Park Jin Woo in this movie really showed his potential as an actor.

Chansung: Gong Do Ha of '7th Grade Civil Servant'

Chansung played the incredibly charismatic Gong Do Ha in '7th Grade Civil Servant'. I originally started this series because of Joo Won, but I finished it because of Chansung. He had me falling in love with his character every single episode, and he managed to walk the balance between angsty and good-humored perfectly. It'd be great to see him on more Korean dramas so he can shine in roles like this one.

Kim Hyun Joong: Shin Jung Tae of 'Generation of Youth'


After a few of his failed dramas, the tag that followed Kim Hyun Joong everywhere was that he was a pretty boy that couldn't really act. But he rid himself of that image completely through his most recent 'Generation of Youth' role,Shin Jung Tae. Kim Hyun Joong himself said that he put his everything into this drama, and it shows. This was his catalyst putting his dainty flower boy drama image behind and stepping into more mature roles.

UEE: Baek Ja Eun of 'Ojakgyo Brothers'

 The only female on this list, mostly because apparently I didn't watch that many dramas with female idols in the cast (not on purpose, though..) UEE's played a bunch of main characters in her acting career and usually gets the nods as one of the exception to the idol-actor stigma. All the same, her role as the always optimistic Baek Ja Eun really shot her up to her status now, and she had so much chemistry with Joo Won that people wondered if they were actually dating.

Baro: Ki Young Kyu of 'God's Gift - 14 Days'

 Yes, I had to use this picture. :D Even for a veteran performer, it's not easy to portray a mentally challenged patient, but I was incredibly, incredibly surprised to see how well Baro did. Baro seems to have taken a lot of pointers from 'Miracle of the 7th Room' in the beginning, but as he went he seemed to have rounded out a character for himself that worked perfectly.

Lee Joon: Ryu Tae Oh of 'Gabdongi'

If you aren't watching anything right now, 'Gabdongi' is a good one to start, especially to see Lee Joon fulfill his dreams of playing a psychopath. Lee Joon makes an amazing psychopath, switching back and forth from being a lovable barista to a creepy murderer instantly. He's currently the villain dancing on top of all the main character's heads, and he's amazing at convincing viewers that he really is insane.




source: allkpop