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[Vid / FanCam] Heo Young Saeng Three Musketeers Musical Curtain Call


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[Fan Account] Kim Hyun Joong Music Bank 2011 Year End Special + Jaksal Ilsan Story by woderrrgirl

Music Bank 2011 year-end special! Early in the morning, we were greeted with the bad news that Henecians won’t be allowed entry because they cancelled the arrangement to allow fan clubs to enter, due to a strike by KBS workers. As such, only people with tickets are allowed entry… this is a sad news because this means a lot of Henecians won’t be able to enter, and HJ won’t have loud cheers later on during his performance….

I was at KBS broadcasting station at about 2.30pm, slightly early because I was bored in the Guesthouse. Dyane and Camy went shopping on their own, since they aren’t fans. I thought I’ll be alone but I met some Taiwanese KHJ fans there so we spent some time chatting and catching up with each other. Told them to go to Sadang outlet for Jaksal Chicken later instead… kekeke I hope they saw wuri HJ? ^^

Anyway, the unnies came later on and we made our way inside after showing the tickets.

Enjoyed the show very much! Hyun Joong was having rehearsals before the actual live show. While waiting he stood around and as usual, his body swaying to some music in his head. ^^ While it was his turn, he did a run and went off backstage. Afterwards all the stars came out again to start the show. Shy Hyun Joong once again stood at the side near the back, not talking to anyone at first, until Super Junior came out and he started chatting with them, plus some members from Secret. (I don’t know their names)

I guess everyone already watched Hyun Joong’s performance on TV… I think the music is a lil soft for his part and it doesn’t fit the manly image that Breakdown is to portray…. Still, I enjoyed his performance very much. It has been rather long since I watch a performance of his live, since I missed out MAMA and all. Seeing him perform Breakdown yesterday brings back a lot of good memories of seeing him performing live… I realised as well just how much I miss the Hyun Joong on the stage. I’m really so happy to be able to watch this performance yesterday.

Saw other stars as well; CN Blue, BEAST, A Pink, F(x), Secret, Super Junior, GNA, SISTAR… quite happy because I’ve not seen CN Blue before. Their live was great! I like the songs they sang yesterday ^^

Afterwards, unnie passed her present to HJ. We were thinking it might be hard t0 pass it because there are too many fans outside and the situation is quite messy. But HJ, hehe thankyou~ ^^ He was in the car, and when he saw us, he rolled down his window further to say hi and reached out to take the present. People behind were getting excited and pushing (they are not HJ fans I think but just general KPOP fan girls who want to see every idol) so HJ said “be careful” with that familiar worried expression and slowly weaved through the crowd to leave safely.

Afterwards, ahlia unnie and I decided on Ilsan Jaksal for dinner, because I haven’t been to that outlet yet and I have a present to pass to Hyun Joong’s mom. So after thinking very very very very hard…… we decided to go Ilsan. (haha! anyway there’s always another time keke)

It was a pretty long car ride, but we had fun listening to music and talking as usual. Finally reached Jaksal Ilsan! The shop looks newer, with new things and better decorations, but somehow I think I like a noisy Jaksal better. Hyun Joong’s mom is around thankfully, so managed to pass my friend’s gift to her. It was fun too at this place, chatting with Hyun Joong’s mom about stuff, and all. She is really really really one of the most gentle woman I’ve ever met by the way, her voice isn’t soft/ladylike or anything, but it’s very calm and comforting in a way.

Something I witnessed touched my heart yesterday. It was when Ahlia unnie showed her the pictures she took of Hyun Joong in Japan (Because many of them are so beautifully taken), Hyun Joong’s mom held them and her eyes shone with that much pride and love as she smiled and said happily, “Beautiful… wow..” in Korean. It made me feel sad as well at the same time, because it is also a look of a mother who doesn’t get to spend as much time as she would have liked with her son. She also took the photos to show it to other members of HJ’s family. I really like seeing this sort of scenes! It’s heartwarming, isn’t it?

Hyun Joong’s mom congratulated me for successfully getting into SNU haha! She seemed to think it is an amazing thing to get in, but I think it is not as hard for exchange students, as compared to Korean students entering as a full-time undergrate student. I did tell her that though. ^^ All the same, I like it when people older than me ‘appeared’ proud of me haha! Thank you HJ omma

Ahlia unnie and I talked a lot when HJ’s mom is busy. Oh, I don’t know why we got so much to talk about. For two person with some language barrier… but just never run out of things to say. It was snowing so heavily outside though, so we couldn’t leave even if we wanted to for its too dangerous for unnie to drive, so stayed around to chat and when HJ’s mom is free she’ll come over to talk again. Happy Xmas eve, talking about happy things and sharing her joys

Went to unnie’s house afterwards to stay the night because of the snow. I love her house! I want this kind of house, it’s the happy feeling that I like. But anyway we didn’t really sleep (as usual) and just continue talking until 6am. Woke up at 930am, for breakfast and I went to work with her at her shop. It was fun, being a half-day florist with her and her older sister… ^^

Happy Xmas everyone~~~^^

Happy! ^^

Hyun Joong~ as always, thank you



[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong & Kim Hyung Jun on Revista Club KPop (Peruvian Magazine)


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[Photo / Scan] Park Jung Min on ETC Malaysian Magazine December 2011 Issue