Sunday, November 13, 2011

[Article / Interview] Park Jung Min at HENNESSY Artistry 2011 Press Conference in Malaysia

Park Jung Min attended Hennessy Artistry with Chris Willis, Yolanda Be Cool, DJ Goldfish and Blink, Landy Wen in Malaysia at Malaysia International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC)

i know some of you cant wait for Park Jung Min's Hennessy Artistry, The Global Art Of Mixing Press Conference today!
so, i quickly post this up!!!~ *jungmin spells LOVE definitely*

well, the press conference starts at 3pm, and it all progress really well and accordingly.

so i was given a chance to attend the press conference, so i was lucky enough to be standing in front of the crowd and take his picture, the sad part is my camera suckS? owh well. its all ends well.

JungMin answered 2 questions in the Press Conference,

1st question was asked saying that JungMin is the youngest performer there, and what he thinks about drinking alcoholic beverages,

well, JungMin answered saying 20 years old are considered the legal age in Korea, and he's experience drinking somewhat, and he mentions that he likes drinking Hennessy.. (the interpreter mentioned this, JungMin says that he drinks Hennessy EVERDAY!, which then gave the crowd a shock and applause of hand)

2nd question was particularly asked by Sin Chew Newspaper, regarding the female actress that kept changing in JungMin's upcoming Taiwanese drama.

JungMin cleverly answered that, its due to the schedule of the particular actresses which can't be avoided, and thus, leading to this incident, but no matter how, JungMin promises to act his role properly and also try building good relationship with his female actress.

then, the MC of the day, Julie mentioned that the media has well-studied JungMin's progress and all,

JUNGMIN answered back saying HE WILL TREAT THE PARTICULAR MEDIA/PRESS! (so cheeky!)

well, everything was well with JungMin! so its good! here are some of the pictures.


credits: + PJMIFC

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