Wednesday, November 28, 2012

[Translation] Kim Hyun Joong Behind Story of 1st Japanese Full Length Album Unlimited "Your Story" MV Shooting

Here is Kim Hyun Joong comment about the "Your Story" and the behind the story for MV shooting.

Hyun joong says "This song is the precious chance for me to dig out real rock sound. I could join the new process, playing and arrangement,not only recording as a vocalist."

The MV of「Your Story」has been shot by HONG WONKI director (famous as creating Grils generation MVs) at 2 studios out of town in Seoul for 2 days. 

The 1st day for the shooting was when he just came back to Korea from TV shooting late at night in China however he didn't make him look tired and joked each other with the director and staff in enjoyable atmosphere during the shooting.

Kim Hyun Joong also talks about this MV, "This time MV looks fantastic. It was shot by 2 different sets to creat the atmosphere like a foreigh country. There is the scene that I play a guiter which is fresh for fans.
I could concentrate the shooting much more as I've done (in the past) because it was a short term, just only for 2 days. I think that the MV has many sides like I play a guitar and put my feeling expression. Please look for that."


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