Monday, February 25, 2013

[Article] Kim Hyun Joong in Brazil, ‘Extraordinary’ Local Response

Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong arrived in Sao Paolo Guarulhos International Airport in Brazil on the morning of the 23rd, local time.

Many South American fans gathered at the airport to welcome Kim Hyun Joong in his first visit in Brazil and causes a big commotion.

For the safety of the fans, airport staffs and local security gathered as well. The time the two foreign artists arrived, the number of fans became 2x in numbers.

Organizers estimated that the fans gathered for Kim Hyun Joong from inside and outside of the airport was approximately 800 fans.

The fans’ started to cheer as soon as Kim Hyun Joong entered the immigration station. Exiting the entry gate, the fans were welcomed and fluttered with Kim Hyun Joong’s bright smile and gave them a hand.

In order to see more of Kim Hyun Joong, local fans even rode a taxi and even waited at the hotel.

In celebrating the 50th Korea-Brazil Immigration Anniversary (2013 FEEL KOREA) on the night of the 24th, Kim Hyun Joong as one hallyu representatives were invited for special performances and numerous South American fans are eagerly waiting to meet their idol.

In this event, Kim Hyun Joong the hallyu Leader will be expected to perform such hits like ‘Breakdown’ and ‘Lucky Guy’ with a colorful and splendid stage.

’2013 Feel Korea’ Organizers said “Despite a short notice, you can already feel the fans’ anticipation and excitement on their first meeting with Kim Hyun Joong”.
He also said “Right when the local media announces Kim Hyun Joong’s visit in Brazil, the expectations of the fans reached it’s peak”.

Kim Hyun Joong is currently preparing for his special performances for the ’2K13 FEEL KOREA’ will be on the 24th at 8pm (Brazil Time).

In the next day, he fly to Lima, Peru to hold a exclusive fanmeeting. He is expected to entertain the fans by showcasing his high perfromances and talk-time.


Source: Osen Korea

Korean to English Translation: Cheezeemelt

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