Thursday, February 28, 2013

[News] Over 4,000 Fans Cheer Kim Hyun Joong at Fan Meeting in Peru

Hallyu celebrity Kim Hyun-joong successfully held his first fan meeting in South America, his agency, KeyEast, said on Feb.27.

Kim Hyun-joong met with over 4,000 South American fans at the fan meeting, held at the Parque de la Exposicion outdoor stage in Lima, Peru, on Feb.25.

Kim Hyun-joong earlier particpated in ‘2K13 Feel Korea’, a commemorative event in San Paulo to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Korean immigration to Brazil. He had planned to have a fan meeting during his visit to South America.

According to Kim’s agency, fans from Brazil, Chile and Argentina, which are adjacent to Peru, swarmed to the meeting. Some fans waited for Kim in tents around the meeting place from one week before the meeting began and some shouted “Kim Hyun-joong” in front of Kim’s hotel before he had even checked in.

The local media broadcast Kim’s arrival in Peru live and covered Kim’s activities as major news after fan meeting ended.

A representative of the agency said, “The South American fans sang along enthusiastically with Kim in Korean and the broadcast media gave great attention to Kim,
which proves Kim’s popularity.”

Kim is now undertaking the ‘Japan Tour 2013 Unlimited’, travelling to Fukuoka, Osaka and Tokyo in Japan during this month and the next. [Yonhap]


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