Tuesday, February 26, 2013

[Tweets and Translation] Kim Hyun Joong 2013 Fan Meeting in Peru

Rampage at Lima airport upon KHJ’s arrival!
HJ did not go through the front door but the door in ??August, just moments before he left appeared many fans and placed throughout the track but security put in order …

5 minutes left in the car, shouted they got to the track and hit the car.

Reporters were also clutter instead of helping to maintain order, security so the girls grabbed and pulled away to get them out of the way.

He went to the left side of the car and there were more people.

He had serious face and looked at the security staff as the girls he was a little scared because of the uproar but just tried to smile at times.

Hence the car moved forward little by little. In our reporter pushed against the car window and beaten. There were police, security and the situation was still difficult to control, moreover, there was a girl who was almost under the car because she was pushed and could not get up O_O the press was devoted to record it, or as always wanting to show the bad.

The girls ended up all bruised but obviously were not the only. It was a total riot more than 3000 people were waiting at the airport and at the hotel about 1000 February 25, 2013 (5:19 pm) © 2012–2013 @MiuMiu1120

oh my yes KHJ is very popular in Peru…fans are way more passionate for him than when I was monitoring BB. Scary!!
@bomtokkuri @starz4life 3K came to the airport they say and another 1K at the hotel and the rest waited at the venue. Whaaaaaa!
KHJ’s Peru Fanmeeting ranked as the Best Selling Event on the ticketing site.”
“the number of fans waited for Kim Hyun Joong is double the amount of fans of any other celebrities that have visited Brazil recently.”

Passionate Peruvian fans crying over KHJ / Trans by Star4Life
The Kpop Star KHJ arrived at Lima to offer concert at the Exposition park more than 3,000 fans waited for south Korean singer, but in the contrary girl fans started running towards the vehicle that KHJ was in they had troubles with his security, today will be his fan meeting not only the songs but will answer question from fans. Fans said it was hard to pass the security, “we ran all the way over here, and we finally saw him it was wonderful, even if it was through the car window just wonderful’ another fan “we been here since the morning they close the doors, and they were just bad not letting us see him, and making him exit from another door and not letting us see him” Report ask her if she was going to the concert” She said “yes but being here I wanted to touch his hand only one time, only one time

Concert starting soon:
  • Starting soon
  • I see Uzoosin light stick. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘½
  • OMG! The screams!! It’s so loud! Starting!!
  • OMG the fanchants!! “Kim Hyun Joong saranghae!! Kim Hyun Joong saranghae!!
  • Singing Please now
  • Please just now ended
  • KHJ is talking now.
  • I see KHJ in black sleeveless shirt during talk session. 😍
  • KHJ in black sleeveless talk session about 10 min ago. 😍😍
  • Delayed update. Lucky fan got onstage and shook KHJ’s hand.
  • Talk session KHJ with fans onstage.
  • Marry Me!!
  • Is he wearing shorts? Singing Marry Me. 😍
  • KHJ took a pic onstage with a lucky fan. Placed his arm on her shoulders. 😍
  • It’s SMILE stage!
  • OMG! The SMILE stage choreo! 😍😍😍 let’s see if he’ll do the butt sway at the end again~such a tease
  • The fans going crazy now. It’s time for Because I’m Stupid! Crowd fave.
  • And the crowd’s singing along! Awwwww. Such an awesome moment! Everyone’s missing Jihoo!!
  • Oh background scenes of BOF while he’s singing BIS.
  • He is singing U now
  • Uzoosin onstage!! So cute video presentation!
  • Wonder who these 2 characters are? Anybody know? LOL. Uzoosin video presentation while KHJ changed
  • Lucky fan! RT @UFOH606: Member of UFOH606 was on the stage with Hyun Joong ~ HJ give FLOWERS to her <3 b="" o="">
  • HOT!!! RT @mayitoab: Estoy mueeerta!!!! valiΓ³ la pena, Kim HyunJoong es DEMASIADO ;^;
  • Need fancams of the jitJoong jebal!!! Necesito verlo en HD por favor! LOL.
  • Paksheyt! ~deads~ RT @lnprz: Waaaaaaahhh!!!…I’m dead!!!…. OMG!!!…Jit Joong!

tweets by: @hjmin0616
“I felt some pressure cuz of jet-lagged, but now I am totally fine to see Peru fans on the stage.”
“As fans in Peru might know, I am working (as a singer) not only in Korea but also other countries. I’ve (can’t hear) in Japan. Among Kim Hyun Joong’s track list, there’s a song named ‘Let’s Party’”
“This time I came here to have a FM, but next time will be a concert. I promise you I will visit you again”
“Peru is far away (fr KR) but thru the internet, it feels closer.”
“Even if you are far away, when you send your love, I will work harder and visit again with my album. I hope a lot of support from you.”
“My first impression of Peru fan was that they were much more passionate than other countries fans I had visited.”
“not sure if you know that I am an actor as well. Did you ever saw the drama ‘BOF’? The next song I’m gonna sing is.. If you know this song, I hope you sing along. Here’s ‘Because I’m stupid’” (during his singing, the venue was full of fans voice singing along.)
“I got a feeling from your reaction, how much Peru fans have been waiting (for me) Thank you very much, Peru fans.”
“Are you able to see fans in the back as well??” “Next song is ‘U’”

Peru FM credit entretenimiento.terra.com /KHJthailand


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