Saturday, February 16, 2013

[Vid] Kim Hyung Jun interview on Kan-tame! POP

Kim Hyung Jun Interview Kan-tame! POP about solo activity

- “I think solo activity was good. Because things that group activity could not are possible.”

- “I think the time that we should learn one by one now. I feel solo activity has a meaning in itself.”

- “The members often go to drink together, and talk together. I often meet Hyun Joong hyung at gym. We talk about sport each other. Also he is an actor. So we talk about drama and acting too.”

- “I’m very glad to see that the members work hard. I think SS501 is the starting point for me now. Each of us can do solo activities because we worked hard with 5 persons. So I think we can work fun now.”

- “I got the power to act without depending on others. I have to make up alone from one to ten despite worrying. Because on stage and other scene I’m alone.”


English trans credit @yuhki07

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