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[Fan Account] Kim Hyun Joong Unlimited Tour 2013 in Sapporo

① :: KHJ appeared with a unique and long coat which was made in plastic(vinyl). He also wore flimsy T-shirts inside, so we could see the points again. When singing Kiss Kiss, Alex danced too.

② :: "Good evening Hokkaido fans! We have a huge audience today. I heard Hokkaido fans are inactive because of the cold weather. I want you to prove if it's true or not!"

③ :: "I arrived Hokkaido yesterday, and had a Sapporo Ramen and Sapporo beer. I think Asahi beer is the one though (laugh) Today I'd like to drink Sapporo beer after doing my best. (laugh) At the hotel room (laugh)"

④ :: "It seems it's hard to go close to you because of the stage's structure today. eh-? There's another stage here! (there's a 50cm shorter stage for orchestra in front of the 1st row) Today, I'd like to jump and fly here." ('Smile' came up)

⑤ :: HJ jumped out to the orchestra stage during the 'Smile' performance and the audience cheered. HJ said "seems you like to see my performance on this stage. (laugh) Since my debut, I had dreamed of performance with the band and the dream came true. One more, the dream of performance with a band and dance performance at the same time, came true recently."

⑥ :: "I'm sorry to say we don't have dancers today. (audience disappointed) eh-? who do you come to see here? (laugh) Aren't I enough with you? (laugh)

⑦ :: I heard this venue is available for orchestras. I feel like I have to bring an orchestra team too (laugh) since you guys are not satisfied with me, I am thinking to bring dancers, a band, and a orchestra next time. (laugh) Will you look at me a few more if I sing the next song? (Marry me)

⑧ :: (after singing Marry me) "How was it? Do you feel looking at me a little bit more? (Yes!!) (HJ laughing) I thought I would drink a beer tonight and go to the airport in a wheelchair tomorrow for certain reason (if the audience didn't look at him). (laugh)

⑨ :: "During the next song, I will see you pointing toward the most precious one! I will point at the section doing their best (laugh)" (after 'U') "next song will be your favorite one, I think" (singing 'I'm Yours')

⑩ :: "Yay! It's time to show Hokkaido audience's energy. Today, there's a fence in front of the first row. Whether it will be taken out or not, is all up to you and your support." singing Let's party, Do You Like That, Lucky Guy

⑪ :: after the song Lucky Guy, HJ spoke out of breath, "who said Hokkaido audience would be quiet and shy? I've never sung Luck Guy in a sweat before, as far as I remember. I am not sure if this venue has a good heating system or you heat up the venue though (laugh) You have energy even if we can't see. I want to call that your support."

⑫ :: Next song will be ballad...

⑬ :: "We have not done 'paper airplane event' recently? Today I'd like to. Everyone, if you have a paper, please fold it into an airplane. If you don't have one, please make it later by yourself and fly toward Korea (laugh) Are you ready? ah. not prepared yet. Why don't we have a talk during preparing?" (but audience couldn't listen to him to make an airplane. lol)

⑭ :: No one listens to me. (laugh) You are just like the (cold) weather. (laugh) cold outside, warm inside (laugh) a bit cool person is better than a person who's nice everytime. (laugh) If you are struggling in the beginning, you will fail at the end (laugh) I hope you wouldn't fail today. (laugh)

⑮ :: "Let's practice for a long time .(and sang a cappella) after I sing and I will turn my mic toward the audience, everyone has to sing along. I don't think this is not a practice. Let's go! (laugh) eh?! (laugh) I'm your man~~~ (and then go to the next song 'Please')

⑯ :: after the song 'Please', as usual my ear microphone should be taken out, now even lights came on but they have not been taken out yet. (laugh) That person in the back is the one in charge. As you might know, now we have a problem. (laugh)

⑰ :: (after taken the ear-mic out) Actually I didn't plan to sing this song at Hokkaido, but last night Alex recommended to do with the band... (rock ver. of Break Down came up. It's amazing to see Break Down performance with a mic stand.)

⑱ :: 'Please nice to me' with white T-shirts, jeans and sunglasses. something's fun. (laugh) (after the song) Please spend your rest of energy. As you know, there's a fence in front of you (and going to LLT)

⑲ :: The encore started with 'U'. KHJ appeared at the aisle on the 1st floor! KHJ went around the venue singing Let's party, Do you like that, Lucky Guy!! At the back side of the venue, he went over the seats!!

⑳ :: (returned to the stage) How was it? (the best!!) me too... but a bit... mistakes! (scratched his head from

embarrassment LOL so cute. It was truly very few mistakes. Really enjoyable)

(21) :: "I will go back to Korea, (audience disappointed) to be preparing new album. I will show my new album to you.

eh, I don't know exactly when it will be released. (laugh)"

(22) :: "2013 Japan Tour only has the last two at Hirosima. I don't know when I can come back to Hokkaido again.

(eh~) I hope there will be 2013' Japan Tour, but I am not sure.

(23) :: (The audience, kind of sad. LOL) "Ah! It's 2014!" (HJ, touching up his head) (laugh) (audience began to

understand, because they believed HJ would visit Japan even if he said he had no idea when he could visit again..)

(24) :: 'Your Story' was really impressive... at the ending part, HJ asked "everyone, sing!" and turned his mic toward the audience. It was very touching (for him to see everyone singing). HJ took around fans in the venue slowly and slowly, seems thinking something. very emotional... when he sang the last part, 'I won't let you go', his eyes were moist. (T_T)

(25) :: HJ went off the stage where was quiet with full of emotion and the band members too. Alex also left stretching his neck with snapping sound. (eh~~LOL)

(26) :: HJ appeared with an ear mic. "I think you realized this" and dance ver. of Break Down was the last song!! at the chorus, HJ

dragged girl named Ji young out. "then Ji Young is showing Break Down performance" (laugh)

(27) :: after BD, HJ said "I have never seen this kind of Break Down dance" (laugh)

(28) :: Final goodbye. We practiced how to do the final goodbye. (We practiced) When HJ would turn the mic toward the audience without saying, the audience would have to acclaim "great work!!". "Ready!" But when HJ raised hands holding each other, the audience only could say "thank you" (LOL) "When we do it again, would you please say exactly (what we practiced). Or I will be embarrassed"

(29) :: Next attempt was successful. But he appeared to the stage again to bring the water and kept saying goodbye. He returned to the stage and flew the airplane which left on the stage and did a final goodbye.


Fan Account of @piro66hj
translated by Lala Henecia

photo credit to MurdererQ

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