Monday, March 4, 2013

[Tweetbits] Kim Hyun Joong Unlimited Tour 2013 Autograph Session in Hokaido

  • HJ wearing same black leather jacket as this afternoon but without specs for fansign
  • HJ said thank you... Oh! So sweetly :)
  • Halfway through fansign now

  • he smiled so sweetly to a small girl just now... awwww spoke a sentence or 2 with her & handed the autpgraph for her mom to her
  • short rest for a drink... and the fans were all excited & cheering just seeing him drink lol
  • rest as in sit in same chair and drink from a cup passed by security keke
  • Last few!
  • HJ came out, saw all the fans waiting outside venue, smiled and waved!
  • heard from Japanese fans....he said Sapporo is a small venue so can enjoy better cos closer


by @loving_khj
photo credits on logo

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