Saturday, July 20, 2013

[Article] Kim Hyun Joong Says He Knows He Needs to Be Responsible About His Actions

Kim Hyun Joong knows how he should carry himself responsibly, since he is a celebrity that has many fans looking up to him.

In a recent interview with the fashion magazine @star1, Kim Hyun Joong got talking about prejudice and rumors, and said, "I don′t think there was anything I had to clear up myself."

He added, "I don′t really care even if there are rumors about me. I just think it′s good enough that I know they′re not true, and my fans trust me."

"Since many people know me and pay attention to me, I believe I should always be careful and act responsibly," he finished.

As if to live up to his word, Kim Hyun Joong was said to have been professional all throughout the shoot and interview with @star1.

The August issue of the magazine, containing Kim Hyun Joong′s spread and interview, was released on July 19.


Photo credit: @star1
original post: mwave

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