Sunday, July 28, 2013

[Star of the Week] [Interview] Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 Worked On ′Round 3′ Like It Would Be His Last

This former leader of SS501 and flower boy of Boys Over Flowers is back as a manly solo singer.

He previously landed a steady career as a solo singer in 2011, releasing two mini albums in a row, but he′s back again two years from then to really cement his newfound status in Korea

His third mini album Round 3 drew only the best staff for its music, choreography, music video and photography, and includes a total of six tracks, some of which have already been floated successfully on the overseas market.

It means that Kim Hyun Joong really put his back into the album. It′s his first comeback in a long time, and he really wants to find his place as a solo singer.

"The title of the album is Round 3. I came up with it while watching the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). The UFC has only three rounds. I′ll probably continue to release albums, but I really poured all my efforts in this one like it would be my last. It has all the last efforts I could muster."

Thanks to this mindset and the concerts he had held overseas during the last two years, it seemed this singer had indeed grown. He put all the know-hows he had picked up on the stage into his album.

"I felt pressured because I wasn′t sure whether my fans would be waiting for me, but I′m thankful that the album′s been getting favorable reviews after its release. I′ve learned how to be more laid back on the stage in my concert tour, and it helped that I tried out a lot of different genres of music in Japan. I put a variety of genres in the album."

Kim Hyun Joong was in top shape, both in quality and in confidence.

He not only wanted to prove he was still very much alive, he also wanted to express the beauty of Korean tradition in his music as a hallyu star.

"I thought a lot about what makes up real K-Pop. I wanted to include the beauty of Korea in my music while I′m still influential overseas. That′s how Round 3 came to be."

His music video for Unbreakable, released on July 18, shows sword dancing and all kinds of traditional dances, while his album cover uses traditional mask patterns and drawings of Korean goblins.

Your Story, on the other hand, represents the change that has come over his music. It concentrates more on his voice rather than his powerful performances.

"The reason I tried to emphasize my voice even when I′m not a singer recognized for his vocals is because I wanted to show how hard I′ve worked to come to where I am now. It felt great to hear that I′ve improved and that the past eight years of my career weren′t for nothing. I′ll work hard with the confidence my fans have given me."


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*Kim Hyun Joong is not the FORMER LEADER OF SS501 (as what written above).. He is STILL the Leader of the group.. SS501 is not disbanded yet as all the members have said! 

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