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[Star of the Week] Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 the Man who Doesn’t Stop Giving

“I believe I should always be careful and act responsibly.”

These are the words of the 27-year old singer when asked about any prejudice or rumors about himself.

He stated that he didn’t think there was anything he needed to clear up, and he’s completely right, because Kim Hyun Joong has never really done anything to cause trouble.

In fact, Kim Hyun Joong is actually the exact opposite. His name gets put into headlines for all the good things he’s done for not himself, but for others.

Fans Donate in the Name of Oppa

Although the donation was not made by himself directly, it was Kim Hyun Joong that inspired his fans to do something good in his name.

Back in August of 2012, Kim Hyun Joong’s fanclub, ‘Kim Hyun Joong Powerful S. My Club’
donated a whopping 10 million won to the ‘Heartless Campaign.’

The ‘Heartless Campaign’ focuses on taking care of the elderly, especially those who live alone. With Korea’s summer being excruciating hot and humid, .the donations made by Kim Hyun Joong’s fans purchased 175 electric fans and 100 light weight summer blankets for the elderly.

Then in March of 2013, Kim Hyung Joong’s fans over in Japan also donated 11 million won to support Kim Hyun Joong’s Scholarship fund for students who need help with financial aid.

And then, don′t forget the overflowing amounts of rice wreaths sent in for each event that Kim Hyun Joong′s ever held!

One Good Deed Leads to Another

When someone does something so awesome in your name, it’s almost impossible not to be moved.

Kim Hyun Joong was so touched by the selfless actions by his fans that he was inspired to do his own kind act by donating 50 million won out of his own pocket to help those in need.

Kim Hyun Joong made the donation to the Beautiful Fund, which is where the fans also donated, where he was able to help out the elderly as well as provide scholarships to university students in need of financial aid.

It came as a surprise, as not many stars respond to their fans deeds in the way Kim Hyun Joong did.

Love Has No Boundaries

Just as the foreign fans have donated for Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Hyun Joong also spread his love to those in need out of Korea.

When Japan was hit with a terrible earthquake in 2011, many celebrities supported the aching country with words of encouragement and monetary support to rebuild what was lost.

Kim Hyun Joong felt the need to contribute, so he sent over 100 million won to help the citizens who lost everything.

His agency stated that Kim Hyun Joong felt terrible able hearing about the news and wanted to contribute to bring life back to normal. “Although [the amount] may be weak, he hopes that it will be some help to the people.”

He even specifically requested that the money get sent to people who really need it more.

Secretly and Greatly

From what we know about Kim Hyun Joong in broadcasts, he’s not the loudest person ever. He keeps to himself at times, making it hard to praise him when needed.

In 2011, it came as a surprise to his company, KeyEast when reporters started calling in about a donation Kim Hyun Joong made the Red Cross.

It turned out in the midst of promotions and preparations to work in Japan, Kim Hyun Joong had donated 50 million won to the Red Cross to support people who suffered in Thailand’s floods.

KeyEast, who later learned of the details shared that Kim Hyun Joong did not wish for his deed to be known to the public. “Only one manager knew. The majority of the people in the company did not know.”

In Action
While there is nothing wrong with donating financially, there’s just something extra heartwarming when you actually go out on location to help out.

Facing the winter’s sharp winds, Kim Hyun Joong bundled up and headed out into -10 degree Celsius weather to deliver coal with the food company he was the model for at the time.

Together with 100 fans, Kim Hyun Joong delivered a total of 20,000 coal briquettes to warm the houses for many people during the winter. The coal briquettes were a donation made by the food company and Kim Hyun Joong, who contributed 10,000 pieces.

Despite the cold weather, Kim Hyun Joong kept a bright smile on his face, warming everyone who passed him along the way.


Photo Credit: KeyEast, One Foundation, Beautiful Foundation,
original post: hmwave


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