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[Translation] 50 Q&A with Kim Hyun Joong 김현중

this section is from the official Unlimited Photobook.

(I dont have the original Korean ver, so if there’s any mistakes, please let me know)

#1. One word you use to describe your performance this year?
- Invincible

#2. What’s your lucky number?
- 6

#3. 3 things your will bring with you to a deserted island?
- Diving appliances, water, soju

#4. The most difficult part of learning Japanese?
- The part about the difference in pronouciating ‘tsu’ and ‘su’

#5. One Japanese culture that you find it hard to understand is?
- The color for shampoo bottle and conditioner bottle is the opposite of what it is in Korea. (In korea, the shampoo bottle is of a darker color)

#6. In Japan, it is usually asked like this ‘Sir, would you like to have a bottle of beer first?’. For you, what do you drink first?
- Soju

#7. One Japanese dish that you dislike?
- None.

#8. Most favourite place in Japan?

- (sorry I dont know the place.. its called Tang Ji Ke De in Chinese. I dont know how to translate this)

#9. Most favourite place in Seoul?
- My house.

#10. One korean dish that you have the most confidence in making?

- Bimbimbap

#11. There are many rules to follow in Korea when drinking with elders, what’s the most importance thing to take note of?
- Less talking.

#12. When you are suppose to meet a friend, but the friend is late. How long will you wait?
- 1 hour

#13. How long do you take to get out of the house?
- 1 hour

#14. At home, are you barefooted, wear socks, or slippers?
- Barefooted

#15. The first thing you do when you get home?
- Shower

#16. A recent photo taken using your phone
- Dog food

#17. Recently, what appliance you want to buy?

- Natural gas powered oven

#18. Prefer phone calls or text messaging?

- Phone calls

#19. Do you have any collections?
- Guitar

#20. What do you do when you feel depressed?
- I drink

#21. What do you like to play when you were young?
- Soccer

#22. Are you the type that will finish homework early during summer holidays?
- I do them at one go in the final days.

#23. The part time job you wished for when you were a student?

- Cooking assistant

#24. If you were to give advice to ‘the future you’ or ‘the past you’, what would you say?
- To ‘the past me’, live with more energy!

#25. Up till now, one thing that you feel most awkward?
- When in primary school, meeting pretty girls in public baths.

#26. Up till now, the most happy thing?

- Often feel that the most happy moment is ‘now’.

#27. Favourite season and why?
- Winter, there’s no mosquitoes, and can dress fashionably.

#28. What fragrance do you like and why?
- Baby powder, it gives a very comforting smell.

#29. (Your hairstyle) Long or short, which one your prefer?
- Long

#30. How do you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror?
- I feel a slight satisfaction.

#31. If you were to be an animal, which one you want to be?

- Koala

#32. If possible, which superpower you want to have?
- Teleport

#33. If you can become transparent for a day, what will you do?

- Shoot the person I dislike using a water gun.

#34. If there’s only 3 days before the world ends, what do u do?
- I will die first on that 3 days before it ends.

#35. One thing you wish to do before you die?
- A free concert with 100 thousands people.

#36. One thing you must do before going on stage?
- Stretching exercise.

#37. One particular place that you wish to sing at?
- On a boat/ship

#38. What song will u sing to your girlfriend?
- Rain

#39. What if your girlfriend likes another celeb?
- I will break up with her.

#40. When was ur first love?
- middle school year 1.

#41. What if your ideal type suddenly appears in front of you.
- I want to date her.

#42. Ideal dating venue, at home or out in public places?
- At home.

#43. Are u more of a meat eating or vegetable eating person?
- I prefer meat.

#44. One condition that u will not give in for marriage?
- must have at least 2 children.

#45. If u have a girlfriend now, do u wish her to marry you now? (Now as in the KHJ now, but not in terms of time)
- no

#46. When do you think girls are scary?
- not scary, but when they pretend to be scared at appropriate times.

#47. The dream that you remember recently?
- I thought i was girl then found out im a guy.

#48. What do you want the most now?
- an empty wallet.

#49. What do you worry the most now?
- not able to get married.

#50. When do u feel you are the happiest?

- when I finish a day’s work and go to sleep.


Chinese to English trans : babyvfan

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