Thursday, July 11, 2013

[Tweetbits] Heo Young Saeng 2013 Concert in Tokyo

NOTE: these are not in order... 

  • Official cameras are in the venue. Hope they release DVD or something!
  • As always,no pics and vids are allowed.
  • 5 mins to start!
  • The concert started with Let It Go, Crying, Rainy Heart and Intimidated.
  • YoungSaeng performed The Art of Seduction and Know It All from the latest Korean mini album.
  • He performed Anytime I'm With You,Hoshizora(Starry Sky), Mermaid…, and All My Love.
  • Also YoungSaeng performed Hajimete Miru Sora Datta(It Was The Sky I've Ever Seen for the First Time) and Is It Love?
  • Also YoungSaeng did FIND (Rock ver.)
  • YoungSaeng did… 1,2,3 and DraMagic!
  • He did SS501 medley again this time,included Kokoro,Distance,LIVE! and Lucky Days.
  • The biggest surprise for me was he performed Because I'm Stupid. ("The most sold SS501 song,"he said. Lol)
  • All VCR was from his SS501 days. (Of course all members were there!)
  • Most songs were from his latest Japanese album,Memories to You.
  • YoungSaeng:I have a baby face,right?
  • (He said his Japanese is still poor,so that he couldn't finish the sentence) YoungSaeng:(I don't know) when it will be,(but) see you again.
  • YS:Did you guys buy the album? Fans:Yes!! YS:It must have been hard,right? Fans:No! YS:You must be rich.
  • He spoke Japanese all time in the concert (with prompter.) And he wrote all lines/scripts.
  • YS:It's the last song. Fans:Noooo!!! (Sounded like "A") YS:B?
  • YS:Last song. Fans:Nooo! YS:NO "No" Fans:Noooo! (Repeated for several times) YS:DON'T SAY NO! (Like he's angry) Fans:Kyaaaa~!!
  • YS:You're auntie(s) now. Fans:We're noonas! YS:Noona?…No,aunties.
  • YS:Are you hot,right? (and he sprinkled water from bottles to the audiences.)
  • Encore: Coward and Hello Mellow
  • After finished encore (Coward and Hello Mello), we kept calling his name though there was an ending announcement,YoungSaeng came back!
  • YoungSaeng didn't have any songs to do,but came back for us to say bye-bye and to tell us go home safely.


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