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[Article] If Only Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 Had Known

The kdrama “Boys Over Flowers” was a big hit but at the time, singer-actor Kim Hyun Joong did not realize just how big it was.

He had no idea that his character Yoon Ji Hoo was considered by many women to be the perfect boyfriend. In “Boys Over Flowers,” a plucky girl, Geum Jan Di defies F4, the four most powerful spoiled rich boys at an upscale high school. Kim Hyun Joong’s character Ji Hoo is the nicest member of F4 and almost steals Geum Jan Di from the male lead, played by Lee Min Ho. In the process he stole the hearts of a lot of viewers. But apparently, he didn’t know.

On a recent episode of the show “Happy Together,” he confessed that he missed the chance to enjoy his popularity at the time.

“It was such a busy time and our interaction with the public was so limited,” said Kim. “I didn’t really feel any different.”

The show, which earned ratings as high as 34 percent, created another Korean wave throughout Asia and made superstars out of its cast members. Many kdrama lovers describe it as their gateway drama.

But despite the fact that Kim Hyun Joong’s “Boys Over Flowers” role earned him both a Best Actor award at the 2009 Seoul International Drama Awards and a popularity

awards at the 45 th Annual BaekSang Awards, he says his popularity did not fully sink in.

“I feel the popularity now, however,” said the actor, who has since appeared in “Playful Kiss” and recently signed on to play the role of a backstreet fighter in a new drama “Inspiring Generation,” which takes place in 1930s Shanghai.

As the lead singer of SS501 and later in his solo career, Kim has had plenty of chances to feel fans’ admiration and has in the past said he feels happiest when he is on stage. But he regrets not enjoying his popularity when “Boys Over Flowers” was a top drama.

“I could have been introduced to better women,” he said on “Happy Together.”

He kept the facts of his dating life a secret, although he did admit to dating someone. A few years ago on another variety show, he confessed that he dated one girl for three or four years before they broke up. He would not say who she was. He also said it was not easy for him to make the first move as he was shy.

“If I like a girl, I don’t say hello to her. If I talk to her I’m afraid she will know I like her. That’s why I avoid talking to her.”

If only he had realized at the time that kdrama lovers considered Ji Hoo the perfect boyfriend, he might not have been so shy.

This month his third solo EP “Round 3″ was released


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