Wednesday, August 7, 2013

[Article] Kim Hyun Joong Spills that Bae Yong Jun is the King of Cellphone Games

Dishing out on his agency CEO, Kim Hyun Joong spilled that Bae Yong Jun is the king of cellphone games.

On August 6, Kim Hyun Joong appeared as a guest on SBS’ Incarnation, showcasing his hilarious 4D personality.

When asked about his hallyu star CEO, Kim Hyun Joong said he talks to Bae Yong Jun on a regular basis and sees each other at least once a month. Bong Tae Gyu, who is also in the same agency, stated that he heard that Bae Yong Jun and Kim Hyun Joong talk about work for two minutes and talk about women for two hours.

Kim Hyun Joong nodded, saying Bae Yong Jun is also a man.

Adding an extra detail about his CEO, Kim Hyun Joong said Bae Yong Jun is good at cellphone games, particularly Anipang.

“He’s always at the top of scoreboard,” said Kim Hyun Joong. “I think he has a special talent for it.”


Photo Credit: SBS
original post: mwave

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