Monday, September 9, 2013

[Article] Kim Hyun Joong World Fan Club Sent Thank You Card for Steven Lee

Kim Hyun Joong must be so proud so his fans all over the World for doing great things for him. Particularly sending a Thank you card for Steven Lee the composer of Round 3 album.

Here are some details of what the card content:

credit: Jessika Kim - from Guayaquil, Ecuador. the founder of WFC group of KHJ joining of FC or Henecia

.this is the .4th project of WFC of KHJ (3 fotos) “Esta es la tarjeta de agradecimiento que World Fans Club of Kim Hyun Joong, hizo para el productor, escritor y compositor de KHJ, Steven Lee; y que le fue entregada en Barcelona el 27 de agosto, por nuestra hermana Marta de Kim Hyun Joong Spain.

Él está realmente agradecido por nuestro apoyo y miró cada uno de los logos de los FC en la tarjeta y tuvo una agradable sorpresa al descubrir FC de KHJ en países donde no tenía conocimiento que hubiera apoyo!”.

“This is the thank you card that World Fans Club of Kim Hyun Joong, made for the producer, writer and composer of KHJ, Steven Lee.. and was delivered in Barcelona on August 27, by our sister Marta of Kim Hyun Joong Spain.

He is truly grateful for our support and looked every one of the logos of the FC on the card and had a pleasant surprise to discover KHJ FC in countries where he had no knowledge that there was support!”

the card was made by my good friend from KHJ Brazil way back then, Thaty Peroni.

thank you for your wonderful thoughts of having this World Fan Club for Kim Hyun Joong, May we have the FOREVER KIM HYUN JOONG YEARS . i will end this in tears of Joy, knowing that Kim hyun Joong is TRULY LOVE by his fans all over the world.

Thank you my friend Jessika Kim for this wonderful project and updating me.

thank you also Martha for handling the card for Mr. Steven Lee.

God Bless us all!!! To you KIM HYUN JOONG We will always love you. God Bless you.


by: hyunlina /

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