Thursday, October 31, 2013

[News] Heo Young Saeng 허영생 Says His Goodbye Before His Enlistment Today

Fans will have to say goodbye to Heo Young Saeng as he enlists today for his mandatory military service. Since he can't reach out to everyone individually, he took to Twitter to say his goodbye.

Heo Young Saeng shared on his Twitter on the 31st, "Hoo ah~~~ I am finally going.. It feels like just the other day that I sent off Kyu Jong keke By the way, this cold I have...ㅠㅠ I will return in good health!!! Please be healthy everyone~ I wish that all your work may be daebak!! keke There are no photos!! Because I'm still feeling awkward about it.... keke"

The singer will enter the Nonsan Training Canter later today at 2 PM KST and serve 21 months as an active-duty soldier.

We'll miss you Heo Young Saeng!


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article: @allkpop


  1. now the reality that sooner the rest of the members will are we gonna cope then..??? TT_TT..

  2. right now, I stiLL can smiLe... but the fact that Hyun Joong wiLL enList sooner... uurrgghhh I dunno wahat will I do then.. TT___TT