Tuesday, November 26, 2013

[Article] Jin Se Yeon to Become Kim Hyun Joong′s Sweetheart in ′The Age of Feeling′

Jin Se Yeon has been cast as Kim Hyun Joong’s girl in the upcoming drama The Age of Feeling.

Coming back to the small screen after starring in Five Fingers, Jin Se Yeon is ready to show a more mature and advanced acting skills.

“I’m nervous to appear in a drama again after Five Fingers. I’ve been acting in the play Closer for the past year on top of taking acting lessons, in order to better prepare myself for my next project. I will do my best to prepare harder with the time I have left in order to meet your expectations in the new drama,” said the actress.

Jin Se Yeon will leave for China in order to start filming The Age of Feeling in the beginning of December.


Photo credit: Newsen

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