Saturday, November 2, 2013

[Vid + Translation] Heo Young Saeng 허영생 Interview / Clip from 0513 My Story Concert

Young Saeng: Hi viewers of China Sina, I am SS501’s Heo Young Saeng. Nice to meet everyone.

It’s pitiful/ regretful because I didnt get to promote long this time. Yesterday was the first and last time I performed on KBS Music Bank and I felt that it was okay.

Even though I only managed to perform once for fans, I hope that the concert will be fine for them.

*clips of his performance*

Young Saeng: Fans of, did you have fun watching the concert? Even though I was a bit nervous, I hoped the fans had an enjoyable time. I released alot of ballads this time, please support it a lot!

Thankful for your attention everybody, thank you!

PS: anyone finds it suspicious that SS501 reunion is not in any news site?


source: ricelync
translations: @drunken_luv

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