Friday, December 20, 2013

[Translation] ['Inspiring Generation' from Kim Hyun Joong to Yang Ik Jun, Tough Guys Are Coming!'

KBS2 upcoming wed/thur mini-series 'Inspiring Generation : The Birth of the GOD of battles' is prepared to captivate viewers of small screen.

As known as 'emotional romantic noir', 'Inspiring Generation' is set in 1930's Shanghai. The drama is expected to portray real guys, who marked an era, and depict their friendship, love and fight in the turbulence period. It is said that 'Inspiring Generation''s drama crews are pioneering a new genre by adding heroic action, period and noir and giving all their strength to film tough guys' world in grand and stylish way.

Kim Hyun Joong, who takes a leading role, is challenging to transform into a tough guy 'Shin Jung Tae', he has not shown yet. He is playing scenes in a strong and low tone's voice and performing the action scenes with high level of difficulty. It's not hard to expect that 'Inspiring Generation' will establish Kim Hyun Joong as a next generation action star.

There are colorful supporting actors appealing masculine side. Jo Dong Hyuk is playing as an action head of 'Il Kook Hwoi', 'Shin I Chi' who is a 'Kaya''s right hand man.

A scene stiller Kim Sung O is also an anticipated actor. He will show a tough guy's quality through the character 'Jung Jae Hwa'.

'Yang Ik Jun', who is famous as a director of the film 'dung fly', appears in the drama too. He took a unique and charismatic role of 'Hwang Bong Sik', smuggling group's leader.

The source said, "these actors have divers masculine appeal and charisma, and that make male viewers, who have been waiting for an authentic and bold drama, anticipate. It is also a good news for young female viewers as well. Recently, bromance stories have been gaining popularity like the movie 'a new world', 'a legendary fist', 'Friends 2'. It seems that there's a reflection of change of taste of female viewers who are tired of typical love stories."

'Inspiring Generation' is a huge scaled 'emotional romantic noir' with first-class action, set in 1930's Shanghai, showing love, loyalty and friendship between 'romantic fighters' from Korea· China· Japan.

'Inspiring Generation' will premiere in January 15 following 'Pretty Man'.
Clockwise from left to right : Kim Hyun Joong, Jo Dong Hyuk, Kim Sung O, Yang Ik Jun, and Yoon Hyun Min


translations by: @howlovelylala

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