Wednesday, January 15, 2014

[Article] Kim Hyung Jun Gathers Crowds of Fans Everywhere in Peru

Kim Hyung Jun proved his popularity in Peru.

According to S Plus, Kim Hyung Jun’s agency, Kim Hyung Jung’s fans crowded the airport in Lima, Peru, to get a glimpse of the star in person, and followed him everywhere he went, including the press meeting site, concert, lodgings and restaurants.

In particular, the fans crowded around the press meeting site, causing traffic on the road and shouting his name as they waited for him outside.

Numerous press media in Peru also reported on his visit and performances, proving his popularity in South America.

Kim Hyung Jun successfully finished his schedule appearances in Peru after arriving on January 10, and is currently headed to Chile to hold a concert on January 15 followed by a concert in Bolivia on January 17.

Meanwhile, after finishing his ten day trip around South America, Kim Hyun Jun will hold a solo concert in Korea celebrating three years since his debut as a soloist and perform a duet with Park Jung Min.


Photo credit: S Plus
source: mwave

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