Tuesday, January 14, 2014

[Interview] Exclusive Interview with SS501's Park Jung Min.

Recently, all Triple S's in the UK had their hearts broken when it was announced that Park Jung Min had to cancel the London concert date of his european tour due to a conflicting schedule. As Park Jung Min will be missing out on meeting his dedicated UK fans, London Oppa have been able to interview Park Jung Min exclusively, so he can at least access his UK fans. Of course this can't mend the broken hearts, but I hope it refills you with hope that Park Jung Minwill hopefully come back to London one day.

Q: What is SS501 to you?
  • PJM: SS501 is like home to me. Where I was born, always make me feel warm and safe.

Q: Your drama fondant garden was very successful; do you have plans to participate in more dramas?
  • PJM: If there a good opportunity. Sure will do more. And now I have movie shooting schedule in Japan this February, and another Korean movie is planning.

Q: What’s the thing you like most about yourself?
  • PJM: I am good at leading people, well organize and optimistic.

Q: Do you have plans to do more musicals?
  • PJM: No, plan at current, but it will be nice if I could do once a year.

Q: When will you be doing Korean promotions again?
  • PJM: I already have a lot plan; I think I will start acting in Korea first, please look forward to it.
Q: How did you create your split personality Romeo?
  • PJM: I received a lot of support and love start when I am SS501. I want people to know how I grow up those years, from IDOL Park Jung Min to ARTIST Park Jung Min. Now is the time for fans to know, I could have many different appearance.
Q: How is Romeo different to you?
  • PJM: Music style and the personality.
Q: What inspired you for Romeo to be a vampire?
  • PJM: Deep inside of Park Jung Min may have some part like vampire? Where is the inspiration come from? I think is come from the heart.
Q: You were once Park Danny, do you miss playing that role?
  • PJM: Danny is my first acting, I was had a lot of fun. It’s a precious memory. I do contact with other actors sometimes.


Credit: londonoppa.co.uk

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