Monday, January 13, 2014

[Tweetbits] Kim Hyung Jun Fan Meet in Arequipa, Peru

  • It has started!! He's singing "Sorry I'm Sorry"!
  • Hyung Jun is greeting fans in spanish
  • He said he ate peruvian food and he liked it!
  • He said he talked with members about Peru
  • He'd like to produce songs in spanish ^^
  • He said "señorita, te amo, te amo" (lady, I love you, I love you)
  • He confirmed he'll come back to Peru!!
  • He's making the crowd sing ^^
  • Jjun: -Señorita, te amo (miss, I love you) - Quiero cantar en español (I want to sing in spanish) -Me gusta bailar (I like to dance)
  • Jun is singing with fans
  • Jun is singing "Always I love you" 
  • He said he want to have someone who can sing with him a romantic song
  • He picked a question of a fan called Sara Huamani and he's repeating "Huamani, Huamaniii"
  • He said Young Saeng and Jung Min told him that peruvian girls are hot hahaha
  • He acted like he was on the phone with Kyu and said he's coming haha
  • Jun said "He likes sexy girls and she just have to look at him
  • They're thinking about to get back together as a group
  • He said: 10 or 20 years can pass by but they'll always be SS501
  • The fans are singing Green Peas
  • He will sing "happy birthday" but he might sing it in spanish
  • Q: what would you be doing in 10 years A: I'd be playing the guitar
  • Q: what song is the most significant for you(?) A: Find
  • Jun said: You pronunciate bad "green peas", i heard "green beans", You are now green beans!
  • They gave him a peruvian coin and he put it in his pocket
  • He read some letter from the fans ^^
  • He took off his jacket
  • He's singing SS501 songs
  • He's singing "A song calling for you" ^.^
  • He's now singing "U R Man"
  • Love Like This now ^^
  • Dancing with the girls of the cover dance competition
  • They picked 20 girls to go on stage
  • Jjun with Yerson from Tacna, Peru. The guy who danced Sorry I'm Sorry 
  • 2nd question: Is Kyu your dongsaeng? I don't know the answer but this one is funny hahaha 
  • Jjun gave a hat as a gift 
  • He's now singing "Let me be the one" 
  • He said "Gracias" (Thanks) in spanish
  • Just a few minutes to the end of the show :(
  • Encore!!! YAY!!
  • Jjun saying goodbye and said he likes when the fans call him "oppa"
  • Amazing encore
  • The show has ended. Now, the Hi Touch session is about to start.


tweet updates by @CaamiBoo

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