Thursday, February 13, 2014

[Article] "Generation of Youth" Kim Hyun Joong Surprises Everyone

Kim Hyun-joong's crying performance was unbelievable.

On the ninth episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Generation of Youth", Sin Jeong-tae (Kim Hyun-joong) was shocked at the news of Poong-cha's (Jo Dal-hwan) death.

Poong Cha died fighting a group of men with knives empty handed for Jeong-tae. Jeong-tae was already down and unconscious on the floor after being hit.

He recovered a few days later and Mo Il-hwa told him there was no one to wait for. He handed him a letter from Hwang Bong-sik (Yang Ik-joon).

The letter said, "Cheong-ae is alive. Don't give up on her. We are parting but we'll see each other again someday. Let's meet again. We have to avenge Poong Cha".

As if he couldn't believe it, he asked Mo Il-hwa about Poong Cha and then fell to the ground in tears. He expressed the sadness of having lost his assistant.

Meanwhile, Jeong-tae decided to avenge Poong Cha's death.



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