Sunday, February 16, 2014

[Fan Account + Vid] Kim Hyun Joong Drama Inspiring Generation Filming in Weol Hwa Won

Kim Hyun Joong seemed to be in a very good mood after 2 days breaks, cheerfully whistling, laughing and talking on the day (Feb 15). However he didn't let the script book out of his hand, and had a practice by himself again and again at the corner of the film site, 'Weol Hwa Won'.

As soon as arrived at Yong In filming set, he directly went to the men's room to brush his teeth before welcoming Japanese fans.

When he left the site, he approached other person's car again. lol

At Yong In filming set Hyun Joong picked up a stick, which you can see on the fan cam he played with like acting martial arts, and brought it when he left the site. lol

Thank you, @pink_floccus for sharing fan accounts and fan cam.


Tranlated by @howlovelylala

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