Thursday, March 27, 2014

[Article] "Inspiring Generation" Im Soo Hyang Kisses Kim Hyun Joong For The Last Time

Gaya (Lim Soo-hyang) kissed Sin Jeong-tae (Kim Hyun-joong) for the last time as he was an enemy.

Gaya went to see Sin Jeong-tae before a riot and asked him to be a part of her side, but he made it clear that he couldn't. Gaya said, "Sin Jeong-tae, let's not meet like this in the next life. Let's meet as people from the same country or as total strangers".

Sin Jeong-tae said, "I am sorry Gaya, for everything". Gaya was about to leave the room when she turned around and kissed him while in tears. She said, "This marks the end of you and me. Thank you. Now I can point my knife at you".

Sin Jeong-tae also said goodbye and prepared to fight.


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