Wednesday, April 9, 2014

[Article] Kim Hyun Joong Reveals his Evaluation Towards His Character in “Inspiring Generation”

“When somebody watches my performance, I always want to show everybody that I am able to act and perform my portrayals very well.” – Kim Hyun Joong

The KBS2 drama Inspiring Generation just ended last April 3, 2014 with its 24th episode. After the cast bid their last farewell, Kim Hyun Joong was interviewed about how he differentiates his real personality apart from the characters he had portrayed. In addition, Kim Hyun Joong also talks about his thoughts and feeling after the drama ended.

Real Point of View and Style Toward Love and Relationships

“The main characters in the previous dramas I’ve portrayed were quite different. Shin Jeong Tae in ‘Inspiring Generation’ revealed a very bold and strong character and this actually transformed me from something I haven’t done before. Anyhow, the character Ji Hoo in ‘Boys Over Flowers’ was, without a question, far from the rough, strong and full-of-intense character as Shin Jeong Tae’s. He was actually completely the opposite of Shin Jeong Tae in which gave everybody an unexpected transformation. But then, my style and point of view is not the same as Shin Jeong Tae’s. I don’t feel love as how Shin Jeong Tae did.”

Kim Hyun Joong concluded that his point of view towards love is very different from the character he portrayed as Shin Jeong Tae. He added, “But then, I guess it seemed very realistic when Jeong Tae even devoted his life and fought for the woman he really loves which a person could actually do.”

The actor also put up a comparison on how time and generation built a barrier in expressing emotions and he said, “Back in 1930’s, most people were able to communicate in REAL conversations. They were able to deliver exactly what thoughts and feelings they wanted to imply and there were even less misunderstandings because of that. But nowadays, the generation’s been very apart and people prefer text messaging or virtual conversations which I think break the real meaning of communication. Those kinds of conversations seem to be missing a lot of emotions. Though I am able to talk with different people because of technology such that, I guess it is still much better to talk with people and reveal your feelings personally.”

Acting Transformation Assessment

Kim Hyun Joong worked hard and had gone through stunt trainings, cold and even injuries just to accomplish his tasks and to act out his character perfectly. He was not only transformed physically but as well as his emotional performance which had been very much vivid than his previous dramas.

“Rather than having a formal gathering for the final episode of the drama, the cast, the actors just had a couple of drinks and watched TV together. We felt like we deserve even just a short break or some time to relax after the whole hard work for accomplishing all 24 episodes. But, it didn’t make realize right away that everything was already over. Sometimes I feel like going back and act again just how much I wanted to in singing and dancing on stage.”

Kim Hyun Joong’s major transformation for the drama Inspiring Generation had been very popular and was on trend all over the net and media. The actor admitted, through his agency Keyeast, that he was very comfortable with his transformation though problems still occurred especially with the fighting scenes.

“I always evaluate myself regarding the progress and improvements in my acting. As the drama ended, a lot has asked me what I thought about the role and what future roles I would want to have. I guess I still could still take a similar role such that since I’ve learned so much about it.”

Secrets for a Successful and Excellent Performance

“An actor should mature with a good attitude toward acting and mature enough in coping with the others very well.”

Kim Hyun Joong also revealed that he was also advised to always show sincerity whatever performance he would be into since the viewers are like critics who would always keep an eye with the actors’ every move and keenly observe how they would perform or act.

Kim Hyun Joong shared that an actor also acquires enough knowledge about different portrayals and being able to adjust with every role is very important. Despite what field an actor is from, he said that flexibility is one of the keys to be able to express each character with sincerity.

“Viewers must have thought that portraying a different image was quite difficult. Well, it was but through meeting professional actors and colleagues, it actually helped me adjust to the role or image I needed to deliver. Such actors and performers of my age like TOP of BIGBANG or Park Yoochun of JYJ have also been successful in the field of acting and I have also learned something from them. And whenever people tell me that I was very good at something or I looked cool with I did, I don’t want to think that I am the best.”



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