Sunday, April 6, 2014

[Media Photo + Translation] Kim Hyun Joong Interview

Kim Hyun Joong with his changed gaze and tone/speech shook off flower boy image and transformed to real man.

  • Kim Hyun Joong planning release new album before World Cup, preparing to tour concert in Korea and will go enlistment next year.
  • Kim Hyun Joong will go for overseas tour full-scale starting from June.
  • Starting fr June 28, I'll embark on a world tour starting fr Korea. Visited countries not yet confirmed, but seems it'll be quite a lot.
  • He says wont hv much activities as singer aft army service. He wants to try composing and perform on a smaller scale.
  • KHJ says that his upcoming album will the last of him as a dancer-singer.
  • KHJ went to eat at canteen, he was recognized by drunk uncles. And they gave khj encouragement.
  • The album I'm gonna release this year probably will be the last one. I'm planning to try beyond music once I get thirty.
  • KHJ: "It still hasn't hit me that IG ended. I was greatly immersed & isn't easy to send SJT off, I feel down. I really like SJT, I was obsessed"
  • KHJ has no plans to do variety show in the future. "I only joined BFF because of Kang Ho Dong".
  • When asked if he wants to act in foreign dramas. Khj honestly replied no
  • KHJ doesnt want to act in those voice dubbing dramas, he said he doesnt want to take up jobs for the money.
  • He also thinks that since he doesnt even understand or speak that language well, it will be problematic to act in foreign dramas . Even if that means more popularity and money.
  • KHJ "when filming the scene where he hugged ok-ryeon &cried. NG-ed and destroyed the atmosphere as he accidentally called out Gaya instead"For this, he messaged Seyeon to apologize.
  • Khj likes girls who are like a puppy, would be scared if the girl is too strong. thinks seyeon is pretty, likes su hyang's personality.

  • [Q: Do you like that Jung Tae didn't end up with Gaya or Ok Ryeon and live alone at the end?]
    HJ: I really like it. Because he didn't end up with anyone it felt more bittersweet. Sirasoni (the character he's based on) originally has a very strong image of being lonely and lived a lonely life. Seems like the the character was directed based on the original.

    [Q: Sirasoni is a lonely character but what about the person Kim Hyun Joong?]
    HJ: I'm never lonely (laugh). I always try to enjoy my life. I like to meet my friends, eat and drink, and meet people. I have a lonely profession but because there are friends I become reassured. When it feels difficult & lonely, people who look after me and help me are my friends.

    [Q: Shin Jung Tae is loved by both Ok Ryeon & Gaya. If it's in real life who will you choose?]
    HJ: Ok Ryeon. Gaya is a good person but she's strong (laugh). Seems like I'll be in big trouble if we go out/date. When I was acting, I think a person like Ok Ryeon seems better. With Gaya, I have a love & hate relationship to each other. I don't want a love & hate relationship because it feels scary..


source: random media photos
Translated by : @wangziqi / @Cheezeemelt501 

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