Sunday, March 16, 2014

[News] 'Generation of Youth's production company responds to rumors of unpaid appearance fees for the cast

'Generation of Youth's production company denied rumors of the cast not being paid their appearance fees.

The drama's rep responded, "There has already been a lot of advance payment for appearance fees."

The drama's production company Ray&mo rep told OSEN on the 13th, "The report on our not paying appearance fees is far from the truth. We've paid most of the lead cast's appearance fees."

"We have already canceled our contract with the assisting casting company which claims that they [the cast] have not been paid their appearances... The affiliated company was not pleased with the appearance fees and have been making unrealistic demands. We are currently working with another company and we are taken aback by this sudden story."

Unpaid appearance fees unfortunately seem to happen every so often when it comes to dramas so let's hope that the cast and staff are getting paid properly.


source: allkpop

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