Tuesday, April 15, 2014

[Translation] KeyEast Notice : A Word of Request to Fans

This is Keyeast.

First of all, sincerely thankful to all fans for always loving and supporting Kim Hyun Joong.

Thanks to all fans for showing much concern that was able to wrap up well.

Currently Kim Hyun Joong is taking a rest after completed the unfinished schedules which arose from the filming of .

However, for future activities as well as to catch up on his personal schedules he need ample rest, (fans) reserved plane seats close to (HJ) through unofficial route, it was verified that there are some fans whom habitually had misconduct throughout the flight time.

Fans surely knew that such actions will cause great difficulty to Kim Hyun Joong who needs ample rest.

There is no issue to give support at official events and soccer match etc that are scheduled at open venue, for Kim Hyun Joong we ask that you refrain from chasing especially his personal schedules.

If there are circumstances of fans senselessly chasing during his personal schedules in future, we hereby informed that we will take all actions at Kim Hyun Joong's related official events like fanmeetings and concerts even if it may cause disadvantage (to fans).

We look forward to see fans lead the mature fan culture.

Thank you.


source: hyun-joong.com
translated by @501wangja

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