Tuesday, April 8, 2014

[Translation] Kim Hyun Joong : "I Have No Plan To Enlist As A Celebrity Soldier"

" I have no plan to enlist as a celebrity soldier, but I think the system is needed"

Kim Hyun-Joong (27) who said he was ‘relieved’ after ‘Inspiring Generation’ ended, indicated he will be holding a concert in the upcoming end of June as well as in the midst of preparing his next album.

Kim Hyun-joong was asked what’s his next plan after ‘Inspiring Generation’ ended, he said, ‘I want to challenge a triathlon’. It was a surprising answer since he had just finished an approximate 6 months (including broadcasting period) of filming for ‘Inspiring Generation’, which was not really an easy task.

‘When people are worked up, their adrenaline level spikes up.’ He, who is 29 this year, described that his soon-to-be-over 20s was a bright one.

‘It was really exciting. I started out as a member of idol group (SS501), but I haven’t really got into any serious relationships. Although there were some cases of privacy intrusion, I have no regrets. Because this was my choice. There are many people who wanted to become a singer or actor. It’s amazing that I could be a celebrity among the many. I feel happy about this.’

Kim Hyun-joong had held his activities as a member of idol group SS501 in 2005. He expressed his views on how the world outside see him as an idol.

‘In Korea, it seems like idols aren’t generally categorised as an artist but in overseas, they are regarded as artists. Although I’m still young, I hope I can spread the culture to the world. I debuted as an idol, but there’s (always) an conception on what an idol should only do. I don’t know why it’s so. But it would be great if the public change that point of view.

Kim Hyun Joong said he is not worry about his 2-years of hiatus as an celebrity after he is enlisted into the army next year.

‘If I said the army’s life is not difficult, I’ll probably be blamed by the army if I said that. However, it’s a fact that I (as a male citizen of ROK) must enter the army to accomplish my duty. The life of a celebrity whenever she/he is not engaged in any activities are insecure. However in the army, I get to eat 3 meals a day and I get to sleep at night.’
Instead of fearing about the army enlistment, Kim Hyun-joong said that he sees the army enlistment as an opportunity to learn something new about the society which he couldn’t experience as a celebrity.

‘I get to learn about people in the army, and it’s an opportunity to learn about the social classes of people in the society. It’s a time opportunity for Kim Hyun-joong to become more mature, and I could possibly learn better acting skills and opportunities from there’.

Kim Hyun-joong revealed his thoughts about the recent rumours about ‘celebrity army’.

‘I have no plans to be enlisted as a celebrity soldier. (this implementation was officially removed on August 1st, 2013). But I do think there is a need for that system as I think even army needs some entertainment sometimes too. I did enough of singing and acting so I don’t think I have plans to become a celebrity army. Since it’s not easy to lead a life as a celebrity, I want to learn something I couldn’t learn as a celebrity inside the army.' 

After developing a love line in the drama ‘Inspiring Generation’ with Jin Se-yeon and Im Soo-hyang, Kim Hyun-joong changed his viewpoint towards the opposite gender.

‘Previously I have to meet the woman whom I liked. In the drama, Kim Ok-ryeon (played by Jin Se-yeon) was devoted and nice to me. And I liked that since there’s no reason for me to dislike that. Hahaha.’

Kim Hyun-joong revealed his future plans as an actor, ‘I want to be a psycho’. He said his aim for acting skills is not to indulge himself into the character, but to become the character itself.

‘I feel I couldn’t express freely through Inspiring Generation since it’s a period drama. What I’m thinking is that, I want to express myself freely and appropriately through acting. In order to bring out the character as a pyscho, I have to drop my usual daily lifestyles & truly become that person. I want to try something like ‘Ruler of Your Own World’ by Yang Dong-geun.'


source: 10asia
translated by: @5StarsAs1

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