Sunday, April 13, 2014

[Translation] Kim Hyun Joong Interview : 10 Years Growth

After the release a new album next month, a world tour will be held to meet fans from all over the world. The album to be released this year will be the last album as a dance singer, and gave the reasons for such a statement, ‘had made an agreement with myself to take in dance music till 30 years of age’. However, it was stated at the end of the news that album will be released in June, and world tour too. Confused with the timing.

(Breaking away from dance style) Fans may be reluctant, but dance music is not that interesting anymore, so I decided to break away from it, ha ha! Honestly speaking, I actually feel that I do not have the talent to dance and sing. Took a lot of effort in order to acquire what I have achieved, but as I grow older it will be difficult to present the best condition, so I want to put a full stop before I get tired and pant on the stage.

Debuting with boy band SS501 in 2005, Kim Hyun Joong is in his 10th year of this business. ‘Doing this job for the long term is different from the initial over-enthusiasm’, he lamented ‘Now I know how much I love this job.’ ’10 years’ ago, I’d imagined how I’d look now, but in retrospect, my character has become honest (steady). Mentally, I feel I’d grown much too.’

Want to be successful in both singing and acting, but these two areas are not easy to conquer. No matter how much one practices, the battle continues with no end to the war. Music and performing arts have been around for thousands of years, haven’t they? Now people are still exploring them, (exploration?) is essential for us. This is the reason why I cannot give up either. PS: So not giving up being a singer, just giving up dance music.


Original Source: AJUNEWS
Korean to Chinese Translation: @爱贤21度C from weibo
Chinese to English Translation: June from LovingKimHyunJoong


  1. Your voice was awesome!your dance move was perfect! you said you can't sing and dance?oh come on hyun joong you just don't want to accept how great you are.bless you.

  2. Your joking ... can't sing and dance ... ha ha ha .... your too funny ����. Everything you do is perfect!