Saturday, April 19, 2014

[Translation] Kim Hyun Joong Watch Concerts Alone?

Kim Hyun Joong revealed that he usually go to concerts alone to 'get out' of his drama character

"Recently I went to Nell's concert alone. I came to divert my mind / feelings (after the drama ended) but instead I felt down even more because it was a very emotional concert.I usually attend concerts frequently. I also really like it when I watched Im Jae Bum's concert by myself. Especially in such case like Nell's concert, it seems better to watch it alone. I couldn't share my emotions with the people I know. I'd also be embarassed to show myself being soaked in my emotions."

Kim Hyun Joong also said he came to the concerts alone even without being accompanied by his manager.
"Wouldn't I be recognized by the people around? It's alright. The concerts that I went to are concerts where people gathered to hear music, so they focused on that."

Q: What's the specific difference between being an actor & a singer to you?

  • HJ: "A singer will get feedbacks (on his performance) immediately on the stage. For that short time, I worked hard for a long time repeating the same movements. But an actor will belatedly receive feedbacks for his own acting. I think that's the difference, and both of them have different sensations of joy. A singer can do self-evaluation at that instant, but an actor has to wait for a bit more time until the feedbacks came back to do self-evaluation. During that waiting time I feel worried and I feel my heart racing."KHJ also explained the plans for his activities as a musician."I plan to go for a a world tour starting with Korea in June. It's not confirmed yet but it seems like I'll visit quite a lot of places. A new album also could come out before that, I think it'll be by the World Cup. With not much time left, I'll give my all for the album.I want to enjoy the upcoming World Cup with chicken and beer. Actually I'm a really big fan of soccer. So this for album also, I'm considering to have it match the World Cup a bit. I want to do a music that makes people able to gather, have fun & feel good as they listen to it, even after it leaves the album chart rankings."


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Translated by @TheAlienPrinceKhj

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