Monday, June 2, 2014

[Partial Translation] Kim Hyun Joong Inspiring Generation Fan Meeting in Yokohama

[partial news trans2] Kim Hyun Joong at Inspiring Generation Premium Fanmeeting on 5/31 evening session

占卜师:从贤重的基本性格来看。别人是别人,自己是自己,我行我素。妄想空想很厉害、口头禅是‘为什么?什么?’。在意小的事情。偶吧:恩,是这样~ 占卜师:喜欢艺术、历史、文化,一旦喜欢上就会刨根问底。偶吧:是~
Diviner: Based on Hyun Joong's basic character. Others are others, me is me, an individualist. Very delusional and fantasize a lot, catch phrase is 'Why? Why?'. Cares for small details.
HJ: Yes, it is so~
Diviner: Like art, history, culture, once he likes something will become very inquisitive.
HJ: Yes~
占卜师:是个颇了解某个领域的情报、消息的人,喜欢讲述。执着于说同样的事,自己确信的事情更会说很多次。偶吧:真的是这样 占卜师:这是第一场没说的...贤重君在人们看不到的私下有点变态... 香香紧接着说:刚才还说我穿的衣服像什么都没穿。
Diviner: Is a person who has fair knowledge of a certain field, likes to talk(relate). Insistent in saying the same thing, especially will repeat many times on thing he deeply believe in.
HJ: It's really so.
Diviner: This wasn't said in the first session... Hyun Joong is a little pervert privately.
SH: Just now he said the outfit I wore is like not wearing anything.

占卜师:不受束缚的自由人。还有恋味癖...喜欢闻气味,然后就会情绪高涨high起来。偶吧:是这样... 占卜师:家里有极度狂热的东西 偶吧:呃...骷髅头 占卜师:也有作为作家和导演的才能。有用戏剧和人传达某些事的才能。偶吧:那..如果我拍电影,你们会至少来看一次咩?
Diviner: Is a person of freedom, unrestricted. Also have a fetish for smell...likes smells, and will become very high.
HJ: It is so.
Diviner: Have something very wild at home.
HJ: Uh.. skullies
Diviner: Has talent of a writer and director. Has ability to express certain things to people through drama/play.
HJ: Then..if I direct a movie, will you (fans) watch for at least once?

占卜师说香香今年、明年恋爱运很好,是香香出生以来恋爱运最高的时候。有着10的好运,普通人只有1,staff中的中居先生有30的好运。(观众席发出惊叹声) (话一转)贤重君只有1。(会场大爆笑)偶吧:嗯,我的人生格言是不做NO.1,做only one。
Diviner said Soo Hyang has good love luck this year and next year, is the best love luck since birth till now. Have a scale of 10 for good luck, normal people have only a scale of 1, (staff) Nakai-san has a good luck scale of 30. (audience exclaims) Hyun Joong only has 1. (audience burst into laughters)
HJ: Hm, my life motif is 'Don't be number 1, be ONLY ONE.'


 chi trans by 爱贤21度C@weibo 
 eng trans by kelemama

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