Saturday, August 30, 2014

[Article] Park Jungmin Goes From SS501 Member To Pop Sensation In Japan

 SS501 member Park Jung Min will be making his return to his fans in Korea.
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"We had originally planned for Park Jung Min's Japanese mini-album 'Summer Break' to be released only in Japan, but as a gift to the fans in Korea that he hasn't been able to interact with, Park Jung Min recorded his album in Korean and will be releasing it soon," stated Park's management agency, Ji Ho Entertainment.

Park's new mini-album consists of five songs, according to the Korean publication Naver. The title track "Summer Break" was written by songwriter Han Sangwon and rookie singer Lee Jae Sung.

Park Jung Min has worked with Han Sangwon during his SS501 days. The two reportedly worked together to get the feel of summer, creating the hit dance track.

"I had wanted to make a song that's just right for the season for a while now," explained Park Jungmin during the song's release in Japan.

Park Jung Min has shed his clean idol member image and has flourished as a solo artist. The singer recently singed on with his agency Ji Ho Entertainment in the hopes of officially launching his acting career, according to Allkpop.

Not long after singing a contract with Ji Ho Entertainment, Park Jung Min landed a role in the Japanese musical "If I," according to an announcement made by his agency on August 26.

"If I" is already getting quite a bit of media attention because, unlike other musicals, it has two different endings, according to Yahoo Entertainment Singapore.

Park Jung Min will be playing the role of Park alongside Japanese star Ranju Tomu. Park will be delivering all of his lines and lyrics in Japanese, which is garnering the attention of fans even more.

"It feels good to announce such great news. I will do my best to keep everyone updated as much as possible, and I really hope that all of you would come and enjoy the musical," stated Park.

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